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Strapping Stress Relief!

Amy is such a brat. Pure and simple. No actually, I take that back to an extent. (Sorry Sir). Why, you ask? Well, because, as was pounded into my poor, sore bottom with CB (Cracker Barrel Paddle), I am responsible for me. Never mind that she deliberately tells fibs and gets people in trouble. Never mind that she kept IM'ing me when she knew I had a paper due. Never mind that she kept posting to taunt me and then informing me of it in IM, knowing that I can't resist. But back to that in a moment. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I think," I told him on the phone when we had started to talk about arranging a meeting for the following week. "that I may actually want to try the...ummm....a strap. You said you had one, right? For horses?" "Oh yes!" he said. I laughed nervously, hoping I'd not regret what I'd just started. Leather straps frighten me, they are actually my most feared implement, yet I also had some kind of morbid fascination with them. It sent my pulse racing to think about having one used on me. I love to read harsh, detailed strap stories and I get all bothered when I do. But I am also a big chicken. The reality scared me, as in fantasy form it is safe cuz ......well, it's not me. My last encounter with the leather strap was at 17 and it left quite an impression in my head. To be honest, it was not an overly harsh spanking although it was done in the heat of the moment, an argument with my father, but I remember it all the same. It was a highly charged time and I guess that's why I remember it more vividly and detailed than any other spanking I ever received growing up. He had only given me three (very hard) strokes but I remember that it was most excruciating. Anyway, so he started to joke with me, talking about some things we could maybe try. "Well, I only said maybe," I told him, trying to make sure that I had some kind of way out if I should need it. And I know myself. When the time arrived I would chicken out big time. "There's no maybe about it," he said. "It's my prerogative to decide." I stayed silent. "Right?" Ha! Now he was asking for validation! I mumbled something in response and then duty called so I had to hang up. Well, at least the play date wasn't carved in stone anyway. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I have the perfect thing!" he announced a couple of days before our scheduled meeting date. "Nooooow, I didn't say I wanted to try the strap! It was just an inquiry!" "We've already been through this," he said. Later on, on yim, I complained to Amy about it. "Good," she typed in. "You deserve it. I think I'll send him an e mail telling him how you've been on the computer instead of doing your schoolwork." Grrrrrrrrrrr! In the meantime, she sent me a file of her 'Experiment' story with different straps. Girths, safety belts, know, straps. "Send it to him to read," she ordered. Damn her and her Mistress mode. I told her to kiss my ass and did she think I had a death wish? Needless to say, he ended up getting it in his e mail and found it most interesting. He went on to describe that the girth in her pictures resembled one that he had as well and should he bring that? NO! Oh yes, he had said. He thought that might be a good strap to use.. I had butterflies galore and honestly was more nervous than I was on our very first meeting. More nervous than my very first real punishment with him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Day arrived. Okay, so I had that deep anticipation feeling that is actually very pleasant. You know, where your belly feels hollow and is doing flips all day, just wondering what actually is in store? I found that the strap he had laid out to bring with him was accidentally left at home. My heart jumped in relief but at the same time sunk in disappointment. No worry though, he had said. Since he was running early on time he informed me that he would make a little side trip to find one. "I'll bet you won't find one comparable," I told him very smugly. "I'll bet I will," he retorted. "Nope, don't think so!" "You care to wager on that?" he asked. Actually, no I didn't. I am not stupid you know! Half an hour later he called back to gloat. "I just wanted to let you know," he told me, sounding quite satisfied with himself. "that I found two very nice straps. They are perfect, really and let me tell you..." "Where did you get them??" I demanded. He laughed at me. "That's for me to know and for you to maybe know. If you're good that is." "I am always good." I said. "That's not what Amy thinks." My blood boiled. "Yeah, well she lies!" I was starting to get annoyed. He was really gonna spank me cuz of her! She would be the focal point of my revenge, as I would be meeting her soon in person. "Now, let me tell you sarah," he continued on regarding his find. "These are some very well made straps. If you were to find them on the `Net you would pay at least five times more than I did. These are the kind that you may have found back in that day and I am sure they blistered many a bottom." I was appalled. "You don't wanna blister me!" Again he laughed. "No. Correction my dear. You don't want me to blister you." Again I was nervously silent. What had I gotten myself into? "You there?" he asked, sounding amused. "You've gone awful quiet." Dammit! "Yes." Time for a subject change, I think. " was your trip? Did you stop in the town square?" "No," he said. "But I was thinking...if you're not wanting to go out to get dinner, pizza is just fine with me." "Okay, that's fine with me too," I said. After going through what toppings were banned, we hung up. I was more nervous now than ever and started biting my nails, a habit I have had since childhood. I put my yim AWAY status as, VERY nervous and biting my fingernails. Immediately an IM popped up from Jay. Better stop biting them or you won't have anything left to pull out his leg hairs. The phone had just rung and it was him, telling me how close he was to the house. I filled him in on Jay's little comment. "Really? Well, tell her it's not too far fetched for me to show up in NZ since I travel a lot and well...." I relayed this message to Jay and she backpedaled as fast as she could. I told him I had ordered an all meat pizza and was that ok? (This seems irrelevant, but trust me, the pizza conversation needs to be recorded). He said yes, the meats were ok and that he planned to pay for it. "No," I told him. "I will pay for it. It will probably arrive before you do." "I will pay for it. Do you need to be convinced?" Hmph! "You mean with the damn straps you're bringing? I'm getting those anyway, right?" "sarah," I could hear it in his voice the closer he got. Top mode. The back doorbell rang and at the same time so did the front doorbell. The front door was the pizza guy so I paid him and put the pizza box on top of the stove. I let those standing at my back door inside, my two brothers and a sister in law. My brother went straight to the pizza box. "Ooooooo....." he said. "Leave it alone!" I told him. "You ain't gonna eat this all by yourself," he replied, thieving a slice. That was true but they had no idea that I had someone on their way, with two straps and a digital camera in tow, mind you. Well, my sister in law knew and she knew the importance of trying to usher them out the door. "I wanna see your butt later," she whispered as I told them all to get out cuz I had to study. A few minutes later, he was at my front door, a 24 pak of water in his arms. I had simply requested one water bottle to have for dinner. We sat at the table and ate pizza, talking about some mundane types of things. He then made mention that he had a bone to pick with me and it was regarding the pizza. "I told you not to order it until I got here." No he didn't. "And that I was going to pay for it." "And I said you weren't." "Okay well then, pull up the site," he told me, signaling that our meal was finished. "Why?" I asked innocently "I wanna see what you've been doing instead of schoolwork." "I have A's in my classes!" "Yes, I know you do and I am very proud of that. Now pull up the site so I can see what you've been doing." "Nothing, really. know..." "Pull it up." I logged on and went to the site. "Pull up the thread." "Which one?" I asked. He had to be more specific than that! "The one Amy has a complaint against you." "Which one?" I asked again. He stood there and looked at me. "The one where you're not behaving." Again, "Which one?" He didn't know what to say so I pulled up the least offensive. One that Amy was not actually on. This thread did not give away two whole days of political posts when I should have been working on my paper. It was the thread on figging which indicated that, like a good girl, I would be writing a nice paper for school and on what subject. "Mmmm hmmmm," he mumbled. "I think Michelangelo has a good point. If you write a paper on that, a spanking in front of your class might be warranted..." I clicked off the thread. He didn't need ideas. "Show me another." He ordered. "But you don't understand, Amy lies...." "That's for me to decide. Show me another." "But..." "Pull it up. I will be right back." He exited the room and grudgingly I searched for a thread where Amy was being a real pain. I had a hard time deciding which ones to use, as she was being a pain in them all. I pulled up the role play board "Amy's Bad List" so he could see just how bad she really was. "Come here," he called from the other room. Slowly I trudged in there. "Look at this," he pulled a long leather belt from his bag. I remained silent as he put it into his belt loops. "You know how everyone talks about the sound of the belt wooshing through the loops and it has an effect because they knew they were about to get it?" He pulled it out and I acted undeterred. "Yeah, well it's the unbuckling that gets to me cuz I know it's just about to come off and be doubled over." He lay that on the couch and pulled out the god-awful looking thick wide black leather strap. "Come feel this," he told me, holding it out. I didn't move. "Come on touch it." He held it in front of me. Reluctantly I touched it. "Oh wow. That is thick." I was starting to rethink what I'd asked for. I didn't want that thing anywhere near my ass. "And," he stood directly in front of me. "I told you that I would buy the pizza..." "No you didn't," I interrupted. "Yes, I did. I told you that I would either take you out to dinner or, if we ordered pizza, that I'd pay for that. You ordered it and paid for it anyway after I'd told you not to." "Noooo..." my mind raced back. "You said all that after I'd ordered it! You weren't here..." He gave me a look. I sighed. He still had that blasted strap in his hand. As he started to rearrange the furniture to make sure that the lighting would be just right for the pictures, I took my schoolgirl uniform into the bathroom to change. As I emerged from the bathroom, decked out as a Catholic schoolgirl, he had the audacity to take a comb (in true fatherly form) and try to comb the curls outta my pigtails! "Stop! Whaddya doing?" "Oh! You want the curls in?" "Yes!" I had to laugh. He stood back and surveyed me. Like most real life school girls I had my shirt tail out. "Tuck your shirt in." He told me. Yes, HeadMaster. I remember those days. "I like it like this." "Tuck it in for the pictures." "But I'll look stupid." "It's supposed to be tucked in, now do it." ~Sigh~ I did so as he lined the camera up We took lots of before pictures. We did those panties up, as the blood had not yet been rushed to my head from being upended. I knew that after I'd been spanked that I'd be more willing to have them taken with my panties down. I'd only allowed one other person to do so and I did not want the picture. I doubt he still has it as well. He took some pics of me sitting in a chair with my uniform on then had me bend over the back of the loveseat for some 'panties up' shots. He then pulled my panties down and picked up the belt. Cold? He's gonna use those things on me cold? "Now," he started. "Is it Amy's fault that you were on the computer all day?" So he was seeing reason now, was he? "Yes. Yes it is, She..." I felt his free hand on my lower back and I braced myself. That was exactly what he did before he lit a fire into my ass with that switch. "Clasp your hands," he ordered. "And tell me about the rules regarding your hands during a spanking." "I know the rules!" "Tell me what they are." Boy he was sure putting up with a lot of mouth. "Okay, okay. They are to remain clasped." "And?" Did he want me to actually say what the consequence was if I didn't? Unless he specifically asked me that, I wasn't about to say it. "And...they are not to come apart for any reason." "What about your feet?" he asked. "They are to remain on the floor in the spot they started in." "Good." His hand put a bit more pressure on my back and he raised the belt. All in all he gave me somewhere between 12-15 strokes with it. I managed to stay in place but it hurt. I did think he'd do a warm up but he told me later that he didn't cuz he wanted me to get the full effect of it. When he stopped he told me to remain in place and he put the belt to the side then picked up that awful looking black strap. I was kinda fearful but in an excited kinda way. But when that first stroke landed, "Oooooh gawwwwd...." came out of my mouth. Up til this point I had pretty much been silent but that thick thing hurt like a MF and I am not kidding! Another stroke landed and I thought if he gives me as many with this horrid thing as he did with the other then I am bolting! I knew that I could not take very many from that heavy strap in this unwarmed state. It was thick, wide and double stitched. "How was that?" He asked after he'd stopped. My bottom was still throbbing. "It hurt." I answered. Damn it did! "Well, that was doubled over. Let's try it singled." Well, daggone it. He wrapped the end around his hand (I think) and then let it fly a few times on my already burning bottom. Wow! Not as forceful as when it is doubled over but a very wicked, cutting bite nonetheless. I am gonna be brave if it kills me but, damn that thing hurts! He stopped. "What about that?" "I noticed a big difference," I admitted. "It is more stingy in a topical way and definitely didn't feel as heavy like that." He had me keep position and took a few more pictures. Then he had me get up and I pulled my panties up and rubbed my bottom gently. "Where's CB?" He asked me. "Which one?" Still rubbing, something I never do. And yes, I was trying to make things difficult for him. "Both of them." "One is in that closet," I pointed to the closet by the door where I had put CB (or so I thought) after my last punishment spanking. "And the other is in my underwear drawer upstairs in my room." "Okay go get them. You have two minutes." I stood there, dumbfounded. "Both?" And a time limit! How mean is that? "Yes, both. One minute and forty five seconds." I rushed to the closet and tried to open the top of my Hope Chest. It proved to be a challenge because of the stuff stacked on top of it, but I did and stuck my arm inside, feeling for the box, the small box that one CB had been gifted in by him at Christmas. Empty! Oh god, what had I done with it? "It's not here!" I cried. "You better find it." He said matter of factly. "One minute and thirty seconds." I ran down the hall and up the steps to my room. I wasn't for certain what the consequences would be if I didn't produce them or if I went over the two minute limit cuz he didn't say and there wasn't time to ask and I really wasn't eager to find out either. I did know that one CB was in my dresser cuz I'd seen it there earlier. I dug around for it and found it. Before I left the room I spotted the still-unused Easter CB. It is smaller and not as thick as a regular CB and has a cute little bunny on one side. Perhaps...? I grabbed it and dashed down the stairs to present my findings to him. He looked at them then at me. "Seriously, I don't have clue where the other CB is," I told him, hoping he'd be ok with that. He didn't need more than one anyway! He out both paddles on the couch then sat down himself and patted his lap. I lay across it with my upper body on the couch cushions, big CB and little CB next to my arms. He started to spank me by hand and I gripped the edge of the cushion, mouthing off. "You know, that is actually quite a respite after those straps." "Is that so? Then why are you grunting?" Hate that word. Grunt. It's so unladylike. I wasn't doing that. But he did start to swat much harder, focusing the smacks on one spot and then moving on. It still was not so bad on the greater background pain still there from the straps. I guess I wasn't wiggling enough for him so he reached for the little bunny paddle and when he did, he noticed that I was not clasping my hands. "What are the rules about your hands, young lady? Why aren't they together?" Immediately I clasped them. "Sorry! I'm sorry!" He started spanking me with the bunny paddle. "And what are the rules regarding your hands during a spanking?" "But I wasn't reaching back!" Obviously he had forgotten that he had told me during play that the stringent rules didn't apply. But when one is upended us not the time to argue over it. "That's not the point." Okay, now that little bunny paddle was kinda nice. Stingy, but not such a horribly bad type of sting. But the heat was very gradually starting to build. "Alright," I answered. "I am supposed to have them clasped when I am being spanked." "And your feet?" "They are on the floor!" I said indignantly. He rapidly attacked the lower half of my cheeks. "Oooooh, owwww...." okay now that was not feeling all that nice. I needed a distraction and found the perfect one. Big CB was right next to my elbow. Could I maneuver it over underneath my body without technically unclasping my hands? Bless him he thought I was struggling, I guess, and was concentrating on paddling my rear with that little bunny paddle. He stopped and I lay still, a sly grin on my face that I knew he could not see. He leaned a bit, as if checking to see if CB fell on the floor while he was spanking me. "Where's it at? Do you have it?" I started giggling and he reached under my body and pulled it out. "That's funny is it?" he asked and began to pelt my defenseless ass with big CB. Oh yeah, that was quite a bit more solid. I stiffened my legs then relaxed my knees, creating a bit of a rocking motion. It was my way of trying to distribute smacks on my rear without lifting my feet but it wasn't working all that well. He still applied the paddle steadily while I struggled with keeping my feet planted on the floor. "Are you still going to blame Amy for being on the computer?" he asked, not missing a beat. "But it was her fault!" "Who is responsible for you?" Well hell, was that a rhetorical question? Because that was beside the point... "sarah?" "I am." Yes, I know the right answers to say. "Right. And are you going to taunt amy anymore?" How unfair is that? "She's taunting me! She needs to be spanked!" CB was starting to have an impact and this line of questioning was not helping matters.
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