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Foursome Fun For The First Time

My girlfriend Gina and I have been talking about hooking up with another couple for a while now. She has been with several women over her lifetime and really enjoyed the experience. We started looking online for the possibility of finding another couple. Talk about a difficult search. There are many flaky people online. They are fat, ugly, or not who they say they are. The search was a long one.
Gina and I would take turns on our computers checking out profiles and emailing back and forth to each other with anything we thought was good. We would contact some of the better prospects and send an email to see if there could be a connection. After many failures, we finally found a couple that seemed "semi-normal". We exchanged pictures, talked on the phone and decided to me.
We were nervous on our way to bar where we were to meet Paul and Susan. When we arrived at the bar, we scanned the room for Paul and Susan, but they were not there yet. We sat down at the bar, ordered some drinks and had some nervous conversation about our expectations. A few minutes later, Paul and Susan arrived and we moved to a more secluded table. They were both friendly and seemed nice which put Gina and I at ease. Susan was a very beautiful woman, 5' 4", with beautiful dark brown hair. Gina is 5' 6" with blonde hair so there was variety in the looks of both women. Paul was shorter than I, but a little stockier. The conversation had a nice flow. They knew that we had not been with any other couples before. They had experience, and told us of some of their adventures. We all seemed to get along well. After about an hour of drinking and conversation, Paul suggested that we go to his place, which was close by, for a more private atmosphere.
We followed them to Paul's place and continued to drink and talk. Paul's house was very nice and we all felt comfortable together. Gina and I have a great relationship and we are not jealous of each other at all. That is a good requirement for successful swinging. After a while on the couch, Paul asked Gina if she would like to see some of his artwork? Gina loves art so she and Paul left for another part of the house. Susan and I continued to drink and talk in the living room. After a few minutes, Susan said, "let's go join Paul and Gina". As we entered the bedroom, where they had been looking at the artwork, we found Paul and Gina kissing passionately. It was not a surprise to me; Gina loves sex and is very open.
Susan proceeded to join in and I excused myself to use the bathroom to relieve myself. I was in the bathroom for about one minute and came back out to the bedroom to find everyone naked and on the bed. Seeing that, I proceeded to join in on the party. Gina and Susan were already together kissing and Paul was lying next to them watching. It was a very nice site indeed. Susan was now sucking on Gina's cute tits. I proceeded to join her and started sucking on Gina's right tit as Susan had the left one well taken with her mouth. Gina's breast are very nice, not too big, but firm with very nice sensitive nipples. She was already reeling from this new sensation she was feeling. I proceeded to the same breast Susan was working on and kissed her passionately. Paul was now kissing Gina. The fun was just beginning.
Susan was now between Gina's legs licking every part of her luscious pussy. Gina is very orgasmic, so, she was cumming and cumming. I moved behind and under Susan and started to lick her completely shaven pussy. What a taste treat it was too. Paul had his cock in Gina's mouth and big smile on his face as she was sucking his manhood. We were all having the time of our lives. After eating Susan's pussy for a very long time, I moved out from under her and went behind her to see her beautiful ass. I was not disappointed. Susan was still eating Gina's pussy when I started to kiss and lick Susan's ass. When I did that, she moaned her approval. I tongued her sweet asshole, which she pushed harder into my face. I could tell that Gina wanted a cock inside of her, so I moved out from Susan's ass and told Paul to fuck Gina. Both our cocks were rock hard now and needed pussy too.
He proceeded to mount Gina while I pushed my hard member into the sweet pussy of Susan while she was on all fours. What a great sensation it was too. I held on to the sides of her firm ass as I pumped harder and harder into her wet cunt. Paul was on top of Gina doing the same. I didn't think I'd be able to hold out too long. The girls were playing with each other's tits while the men were fucking fast and furious. It was a great sight to see Gina's pussy being plowed by another guy. Now I know what it looks like when I fuck her. I couldn't hold it any longer and thrust my manhood deep into Susan's sweet hole and filled her with all of my juices. I cried out, "I'm cumming" which made everyone look at my spasming body behind the lovely Susan. Paul hearing that, started to thrust harder and with one final shove into Gina, pulled out and shot all over her stomach. We all just collapsed on the bed in a pile of tired but satisfied bodies.
What a great beginning of a new friendship. We all just kicked back and talked for a while about some of the other experiences we wanted to try. It was getting late, all of us had to work the next day, so we got dressed and said our goodbyes. This was not to be the last time we enjoyed each other.
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