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First Time Bi

This is a true experience I had a 2 years ago, and was one of the best times I have had.
I had always been curious about having sex with another guy, but never did anything about it. It was just before my birthday last year that I decided now was the time to start. I found an ad on the Internet for a bi couple that was looking for a guy to have some fun with. They were pretty experienced and in my area, so I decided to email them. I got a reply back and started chatting on the net soon after that. After chatting with the guy, Jim, we decided to get together and surprise his wife, Lisa. They have always done things together but we wanted to start playing, and when Lisa came in from work, she would find us together. We setup up a time for the next day.
I went over to his house about an hour before his wife got home. We got to talking and watching a video and we were soon very excited. We were both wearing a t-shirt and shorts and I started to notice the large bulge growing in his pants. I was so excited from the thought of holding his warm, hard cock in my hands and mouth that I was hard from the moment I got in the door.
I decided to make the first move and stood up to make myself more comfortable and suggested he do the same. He made the next move, and slid his hand to my leg, and lightly rubbed my thigh, getting closer to my cock. I was really hoping he would slide his hand in my boxers and grab my cock, but he seemed to be just teasing me. He then moved his hand into my boxers and lightly rubbed my cock. It was the first time another guy has felt my cock and I almost wanted to cum right then. He slowly stroked the length of my shaft and rubbed my shaven balls. I made it easier for him, and removed by boxers, so I was totally naked.
When I stood up to remove them, my cock was now inches from his face while he was sitting on the sofa. He grabbed my cock again and pulled me closer to him and stuck out his tongue as if he was licking a lollipop. Slowly, his tongue went up and down my shaft. From the head down to my balls. He moved back up and put his hot mouth around my sensitive head and sucked in my hard cock. I could feel my cock head at the back of his throat and had nearly cum in his mouth from the erotic sensations. Just when he started sliding my cock back out, his wife walked through the living room door.
At first she was shocked, even though she enjoys seeing him with another man, but she had always been there when he had played. She stood there watching us as he kept swallowing my cock and licking my balls. I wanted to cum so hard, but wanted to save it for the 2 of them. He took a break and suggested his wife get comfortable and come join the fun. She disappeared into their bedroom where she took a quick shower. While she was there, it was my turn to return the favor. He stood up in front of me, and pulled off his briefs. I grabbed a hold of his cock and wrapped my fingers around it. It felt good to hold a guys cock and feel the warmth and hardness in my hand. I stroked his cock slowly up and down before I moved off the sofa and kneeled on the floor. I stuck out my tongue and licked up his pre-cum and realized that I enjoyed that taste and feeling.
I wanted to return the feelings he had given me, so I licked his shaft up and down while gently fondling his balls. I finally decided to take his cock in my mouth all the way and licked the head of his cock, then slowly moved my mouth over the head and down the shaft. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw his wife return back to the room and she was standing there in a black lace body stocking, lightly rubbing her breasts. Jim motioned for her to come over and play with us and she looked terrific. She is about 5'10", 36C breasts with a slight sag, and brunette hair. Her body stocking had the crotch area cut out so she was ready to play. She got down on the floor and started to lightly kiss my neck as I was sucking on his cock. She had a better idea, and whispered into my ear, for me to lie down on the floor, while he sucked my cock and I licked her pussy.
Next thing I knew, I was lying on the floor with my cock in his mouth, and her wet pussy on my face. Her pussy was shaved with a small wisp of hair above her clit. I started moving my tongue up and down her slit tasting her sweet juices and sucking her hard clit. Every once in awhile I would slide my tongue into her pussy and fuck her. I grabbed her ass and spread her cheeks so I could lick from her clit to her asshole. As I was licking her asshole, I got a little shock, because Jim spread my legs wider so he could rim my asshole. He started licking around my tight hole, then slid his tongue into my hot ass. It was a feeling I never had before and really enjoyed it. While he was rimming my ass, she grabbed my cock and started stroking me. This was something I had only dreamed of, and was surprised I had not already shot my load all over them. When he got my nice and wet on my ass, he asked if I was ready for some more fun. I said sure, not knowing what he was going to do.
Lisa pulled my legs up to her chest while Jim placed the head of his cock on my ass. I felt him start to push his cock slowly into my tight ass. I was really tight, so it took him awhile to get it in, but once he did, he was able to get the head in and stayed there awhile, while I got used to the feeling. It hurt for a little while, but I was able to relax my ass, so he could slide in further. He started to push all the way in me until I felt his balls resting on my ass. Once I was comfortable, he started fucking me with longer and harder strokes. My ass now felt really loose and my cock was the hardest it had ever been. As he started moving faster, he started moaning and telling us how good it felt. Lisa was begging him to fuck my ass harder. It was making me more excited hearing them that once she reached down to grab my cock, she just stroked it once and I started cumming like crazy. I had never cum so hard before. It seemed like I would never stop cumming. I had cum on my belly, cock, her belly and tits, and his belly. They got so excited that they started cumming also. He pulled his cock out of my ass and shot his load of cum all over my cock and balls. I started sucking on her clit, and she starting to shake as her orgasm consumed her body. Never before had I tasted so much cum from one lady. I was drenched in cum from all of us, and Lisa proceeded to lick up all of the cum from my cock and balls.
This was the most exciting sexual experience I ever had. I'm not sure if anything will top this experience, but since then, we have gotten together 2 other times for some hot sexual fun .
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