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First Time Story: First Time For MFM

We had been "seeing" each other for a few months. Meeting 2-3 times a month for an afternoon or an evening of stolen pleasure. Both of us being married we had agreed to being playmates. Not wanting more from each other then fantasy, we were free to explore our sexuality.
He had a cabin not far from where I live and it was all too convenient to meet there for our rendezvous. Comfortable and safe with each other from the first time we emailed each other we knew just how to tease and please each other almost instinctively.
The night I walked in to find him drinking a glass of cognac surprised me. I knew he was not a drinker of anything besides a casual glass of red wine once in a while. He had a sly smile as I came up to kiss him hello.
Our kisses always hot and sweet, the taste of cognac was good on his lips. His arms around me he whispered in my ear, "Baby, I have a surprise for you tonight." Used to his gifts of toys and sensual things I wasn't too concerned. I moaned in reply as I grabbed his butt and kissed him, a deep french kiss.
We sat down together on the couch. As if on cue, there was a knock on the door. I know my eyes must have been big as saucers as Tom opened the door to invite a tall good looking man in. I wasn't sure at first if we were busted or if this could possibly be my surprise.
My fears were quickly allayed when Tom smiled at me. The look in his eyes told me everything. He introduced himself to this dark haired man and shook his hand warmly. "I'm Jack," I heard the man say in a very low sexy voice. I think my heart stopped for an instant at that point. I know my voice caught in my throat when Tom introduced me to Jack. Jack practically purred my name when took my hand and kissed my palm, "Hello sweet Dee, I am so very glad to meet you, I have heard so many good things about you, I hope that I please you this evening." I choked out, "I, um, I, uh, I'm glad to meet you too Jack." Tom laughed as I shot him a look.
Turning his back to us Tom offered us drinks. Jack sat beside me on the couch, never letting go of my hand. Cradling it in his hand he softly stroked my palm with his fingers. Resting my arm, I let him continue, but my heart was racing. My eyes were drawn to watch him stroking my hand. I was thinking that it looked and felt so erotic.
Tom returned and offered both of us a glass of wine. My free hand went up, took that glass from him and poured the whole thing down my throat. All three of us laughed as I set the glass down on the end table in front of me. "Need another baby?" Jack asked as he walked back to the wet bar. "I think I might," I giggled as I felt that rush of alcohol go to my brain. Jack said in a hushed voice, "There's nothing to fear, Tom asked me here to fulfill a fantasy of all of ours."
I replied, "May I ask how long you have known each other?"
Tom answered, "Jack and I have never met in person until tonight but we have been talking on the phone and online for about a month."
I smiled, knowing exactly why Tom had kept this a secret up until right now. He had often teased me with the idea of bringing a man into our playtime. He would tell me how he had always wanted to have a man in his mouth. I always encouraged these fantasies. I had told him many times how hot I thought it would be to watch two men giving each oral pleasures. We talked seriously about it also. I knew that Tom must really like and trust this man in order to have invited him into our fantasyland.
Tom sat down on the couch to my right and leaned over to whisper in my ear, "I hope this is ok baby." I answered by turning to kiss him on the lips. My right hand on the back of his head I held him to me and kissed him passionately. With my left hand I reached behind me and found Jacks hand. I brought it up to my breast. I felt him move his body closer to me.
Toms hands were caressing my neck and thigh. Jacks hands were cradling my breasts. I remember thinking this was going to be a night to remember.
When our lips parted I leaned back to rest against Jack. His kisses on the back of my neck sent shivers all over me. It made me moan just enough to let him know I wanted him to continue.
Tom lifted my shirt and pulled it off. Kneeling on the couch he leaned over to kiss the area right above my bra. Jack had his hands cupping and massaging my breasts. I reached around to unhook it as both men played with me. Toms hand reached down to stroke my thigh. I spread my legs willingly. I felt every touch as if it were the first time I had ever been touched by a man. Every sensation heightened by the eroticism of having two men at the same time.
I was so turned on already that I was dieing for more. I spoke up and suggested we all move to the bedroom.
We were all nervous as we stood up. Taking both men by the hand I led the way into the large bedroom. Tom already had several candles burning. We always made love by candlelight. It was something he knew I loved and he always made sure to light them before I arrived.
Standing at the end of the bed, I turned to Jack and helped to remove his shirt. I pressed myself tight against him as he kissed me. Feeling Tom press his now bare chest into my back I felt like a human sandwich. As both men were doing a slow grind against me, my heart pounded in my ears.
When I realised that there were no hands on me it dawned on me that they were exploring the skin of each other. All three of us were moaning softly. I was trying to think of a way to get them to kiss each other.
Finally I just asked, "Could I watch the two of you kissing?"
It must have been the right thing to say because before I knew what was happening I was sitting on the bed alone. I moved up into the middle of the bed and watched my lover kiss another man. I watched as they tentatively started to press into each other. It did not take long before their hands were grabbing and groping each other.
Tom took a half step back and reached for the belt of Jack's pants. Tom's mouth was trailing down Jack's chest as I watched him open Jack's pants. Tom pushed his hands across Jack's hips to push the pants off his ass and make them fall to the ground around Jack's ankles. Jack also undid Tom's pants at the same time and soon they were both standing there in their shorts.
Tom started to kiss Jack's chest again. I watched as he moved down to kneel in front of Jack. Both of them ignored me as I just watched, fascinated by the show.
Jack put his hands on Tom's shoulders to steady himself as Tom pulled off his shorts. Jack's member fully erect sticking out in front of Tom's face was something I will never forget the sight of.
Tom looked me square in the eyes as he licked Jack's head for the first time. Tom put his hand around Jack's cock to hold it while he started to take it into his mouth.
The sight of this made me so wet I took off my pants quickly and laid back to stroke my sopping wet pussy.
I could tell that Tom was enjoying what he was doing because both men were moaning. Jack was trembling as he looked down to watch Tom working his mouth around his thick cock. I watched as he closed his eyes for a moment. When he opened them he looked at me and moaned. The lust in his eyes was undeniable.
Each thrust of Tom's mouth over Jack's member made me thrust my fingers deeper into my wetness. The whole scene was so erotic. It did not take long before Jack was panting hard. Tom had one hand on Jack's balls and the other was on his ass. When Jack could not take another second of this he abruptly stepped back to regain his control.
Tom was panting too as he got up off the floor and moved to the bed. I watched Jack kneel on the floor in front of Tom. I moved closer to them and Tom started to finger my pussy. I was in absolute heaven as I got to watch Jack take Tom into his mouth. Tom was looking down at the sight of a man licking his cock and then over at me with pure lust in his eyes.
The moaning in the room was coming from all three of us. Jack moved up and down Tom's cock slowly as he looked me in the eyes. Tom's fingers were working my pussy fast and hard, deeply delving into me.
When I started to shiver in orgasm Tom went wild. The intensity of his moans and movements told me he was about to cum into this mans mouth. I got to watch Jack bobbing up and down Tom's cock as Tom screamed in orgasm.
The whole encounter was already more then I had ever hoped would happen in real life but I had the sneaking suspicion that this night was far from over.
When Jack released Tom's now semisoft member he stood up and joined us on the bed. I reached for his throbbing manhood and started to stroke him slowly. Not having come yet, Jack was more then ready.
I made Jack lay on his back while I kissed his beautiful mouth, tasting the essence of my lovers cum still on his tongue. I wanted so badly to mount this man and ride him into heaven.
Straddling his pelvis I looked into his eyes. I moved very deliberately and slowly at first. Taking just the head of his hard thick member I stopped to hold it inside me. I could feel how very thick he was sliding into my wetness. It felt like something invading me in ways I had not been taken before. My breath caught as I slid down just a little more. Jack's eyes intent on mine we held still again. The fire in his eyes matched only by the fire that must have been showing in my eyes from the intense pleasure I was feeling. I can't remember moaning at this point although I am sure I was.
When I slid down to the base of Jack it felt like he was in my stomach. That little feeling of pressure, way up deep inside. I stopped to let the feeling build. That feeling when you have to start moving but you just cant yet. That first filling of your hot pussy with a new and rather large man.
Closing my eyes for a moment, I savoured it all. Every move burned into my memory, I can tell you that I squeezed my muscles around him. Then I started to slide up his thickness. I opened my eyes and leaned forward to place my hands on either side of his head. He did not move at all until I had slid back down again. That is when his hips started rocking up into me at a perfect pace. Slow and sensual we thrust our sex together. Over and over I felt that sensation of the perfect fuck. Watching his eyes I tightened my pussy on the down stroke and loosened on the upstroke.
Tom started to play with my ass, grabbing my cheeks and spreading them as I thrust with Jack. I felt Tom's fingers reaching my asshole and pushing into me there.
My head spinning, I thought I might just pass out from the pleasure. Just about the moment that Tom buried his finger all the way inside my ass is when I could not control my body anymore.
I started to shake, those deep tremors within your soul when the whole world no longer exists, all you can feel is your body. My body felt as if it was pure electricity, pure energy. I was in a zone, moving up and down the sex of this man. The perfect motion of the perfect fuck.
I think that is when I started screaming. I could hear this sound but it did not dawn on me that it was me until it stopped. My head exploding in pure boundless release. Rockets of pleasure released throughout my body. From the toes to the top of my head it coursed through my vains.
I could not even tell you how long it lasted but I can tell you that I have never ever felt something as exquisite as that moment in time. I had the fleeting thought that perhaps I had done the untimate in orgasm, gotten fucked to death.
What a great way to die.
Just as my breath was coming back and my orgasm was coming down I felt the throbbing of Jack inside me. He was coming in torrid currents of hot cum deep inside my walls. His breath stopped for a moment as he trust one last time. He shuddered and cryed out as he released all of his seed into my pussy. The sensation was one of delirious ecstasy as he filled me. Almost as good as my own mind shattering orgasm, I went with the feelings and started to rock on him.
Not moving up and down but back and forth, I was grinding my pelvis deep into his. Still semihard I could feel him just enough to send my body into fits again. My clit on fire rubbing against his hair I was flying into another orgasm. Rocking my world on this man's body was pure heaven.
When my whole body went limp, I laid on Jack's chest panting. I looked over at Tom to see him hard again and all I could think was that time did not exist anymore. My whole life had been just practice for that moment. That was the moment when I truly thought that if I died right there and then, then my life had not been wasted. Pure euphoria, that is the only way I can describe it. Pure euphoria.
Perhaps I will finish the story of that night someday.
I guess my question to the reader of this story would be, do you think this really happened? or did I make it all up?
Please write to me and let me know. Thanks.
Being new to writing for others besides my cyber friends it is hard to know if my writing skills are acceptable. I can only hope that every story is hot to read, it sure makes me hot to write them.
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