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First Time Sex Story: Our First Swinging Experience

Well, it all started a few years ago when I came across magazines like BM Friendship, & Bombayite, & was truly amazed to read the various advertisements that appeared there. Many were from the couples that were interested in swapping their wives. One day I showed the magazine to my wife who was really shocked to see the contents. Though we r very happily married, the zing of wild sex had ebbed as she was more busy looking after the kids & house work used to make her disinterested in sex. One day we had gone to attend a party at a five star hotel & there was dance. We had a big group of friends and one of my friends who had come alone asked my wife for a dance. At that time a fast number was being played. My wife loves dancing. Let me tell U guys how we look. I am 40 years old, good looking, tall. 5.11? & well proportioned body. U can call me Raj. My wife in Anju, she is very charming & beautiful, 38, 5.4?, very fair, bobbed hair, has lovely hips, she is 32/30/40 & when she walks her bums look very sexy when they sway. People can?t resist looking at her. As they were dancing the DJ changed the music to slow number & I found that my friend Kumar Was holding her close & dancing. Though I had a feeling of jealousy, I found that it aroused me. His hands were on her hips & she had put her hands around his neck & her fingers were playing with his hair. After the dance when both of them came back to the table I could see Anju?s flushed face, it had become pinker & eyes were gleaming. This happens to her only when she is turned on. I could also see Kumar?s bulge. After the party was over while driving back Anju was snuggling to me & confessed later that they had flirted mildly on the dance floor & it really aroused her. That night we fantasized about Kumar & had a great time in bed. Over the years I convinced her to join me in swap & at last she agreed. I started surfing various sites on the net & we found one Indian couple, living in UK. We started exchange of mails & photos & one day they informed us that they would be arriving in India In October & if we could meet them. We were really excited & booked a cottage about 50 miles from our place that had two rooms. When they arrived we received them at the airport & brought them home. At home we were behaving as if we were normal friends though I could see the excitement in all of us. Next day we drove down to the place in the evening & after freshening up we all sat with a bottle of Black label & Vodka for the ladies. Anju usually doesn?t drink once in a while she gives me company. The other couple was Dheeraj & Kalpana. Dheeraj was about 50 yrs, tall & good-looking. Kalpana was about 48 years, fair buxom lady. We sat on the carpet as we found it to be a convenient position. We started drinking & within an hour we were behaving as if we were long lost friends. All this time Anju was sitting next to Dheeraj & Kalpana & me were sitting opposite to us. We had dimmed the lights, we talked about London & Dheeraj was narrating one of his experiences when they visited a swapping club in London. I was getting excited & casually put my hand around Anju. I could feel her excitement also as she had already two drinks & her inhibitions were gradually disappearing. She came close to me & kissed her in front of the other couple. As if on cue Dheeraj too did the same thing with his wife. After about five minutes Anju got up to go to the loo, Kalpana did the same. Dheeraj winked at me & said why don?t u sit next to my wife when she comes back? I said ok & was waiting for them to return. After they came back both of us went to the loo & after coming back I found Dheeraj already sitting next to Anju.He was holding her hands, I could see Anju?s blushing & her face flushed. As I sat next to Kalpana, I made sure that we sat very close. My feet were touching her feet & as I went to fetch my whisky glass I ?accidentally? made a fleeting touch to her breasts. The tension in the room was heating up. I saw that Dheeraj had now put his arms around my wife & he whispered something in her ears. Anju was blushing & couldn?t meet my eyes. I said, ? dekho karna hai to dil khol kar karo, let us not be hypocrites.? On hearing this Dheeraj pulled her close & planted a deep kiss on Anju?s sweet lips. She put her arms around his neck & started responding with low moans. ?Ummmmm, sssss? I was getting more & more excited looking at my wife in some one else?s arms kissing passionately, I pulled Dheeraj?s wife closer & kissed her passionately. I was taken by surprise as Kalpana?s hand directly strayed at my fly & started rubbing the bulge which was standing fully erect at his seven inches. Mmmmmm? kafi bada hai aapka? she whispered in my ears & licked the lobe. Her fingers were busy in undoing my fly & she succeeded in pulling the zip down expertly. I could see Dheeraj?s hands on Anju?s boobs slightly pressing over her blouse. Her pallu had fallen & the usual prim & proper Anju was least bothered now of her disheveled state, they were now in tight embrace smooching each other happily. I had never seen Anju in such excitement. Here, by now Kalpana had freed my member & her hand was in my pants, trying to bring him out. I have a very thick cock uncut & about seven inches when fully erect. ? Haai main mar jaoon, yeh to bilkul sand ke itne mota hai, mera raja hai, ? kalpana was whispering in my ears, her hot breathing was making me more erect. I started opening her blouse hooks, couldn?t wait to bare them, Kalpana was well stacked & despite her age her boobs were quite firm, she was wearing a lacy black bra, which I unhooked & her melons were free awaiting my mouth. Kalpana pressed my head on her bosom & I started slurping her nipples & big boobs. Her nipples had become hard; Anju is not well stacked as far as boobs r concerned however her beauty is in her slim waist & big bums. My wife is so fair, & looks so alluring that any man would give his life to have her doggie style. Kaplan was panting with lust & wanted to take me in her mouth. I saw from the corner of my eye, my wife?s hand toying on Dheeraj?s fly. She too must be hot as hell I thought. They were kissing very passionately now & I could here Anju?s stifled moans, & also saw Dheeraj?s hand sneaking in her saree & must have inserted his fingure from the side of her panties, cause I heard the ?futch futch? sound. That meant my wife was in oozing with her cream. Here kalpana took me in her mouth as far as she could take & her tongue was magical. She was eating my cock as if she never has seen it. I was pressing her boobs, biting them & one hand I too inserted in her saree. My finger touched her clean-shaven pussy; it appears that when she went to the loo she had removed her panties. It was wet, hot & oozing of her juices. I could not resist tasting her, so I pushed her saree up & put my head on her quim. Ummmmmm it was so juicy, smelling of a sweet perfume & as my tongue played with her clit she exploded in a series of orgasms. By now Dheeraj had stripped my wife, & lifted her to take her on the bed, he put her on the bed & dived to lick her dripping love box. He was slurping her as if there is no tomorrow. I too took off Kalpana?s saree & joined Dheeraj & Anju on the big double bed. I spread Kalpna?s thighs & put my erect cock on her pussy hole & shoved in. ?aahh, jara dhire se ?[oh slowly] kalpana whispered, bahut mota hai? but I was beyond caring I gave another thrust & was halfway in Kalpana lifted her legs & made in scissor on my back, she started lifting her hips to accommodate such a monster [later on my wife told me that Dheeraj?s cock was not even four inches & very small in thickness too] I started humping her & went fully in her love box. She was whispering in my ears? don?t come fast, juldi nahin aana, choodo mere raja aur chodo, meri pyaas buza do?[DONT COME FASTFUCK ME MY LOVE FILL ME UP] I could feel her pussy spasms, throbbing & gripping my cock & she started coming, I too increased my speed & came in to her like a torrent. Next to us Dheeraj was doing my wife in doggie style, & was humping her she too was on the verge of coming & asked Dheeraj to do it fast. Ohhhhhhh my baby, fuck me fuck me fuuuuuuuuuck me? & she came with Dheeraj pouring his come in her. After lying for some time I took Anju to our room, couldn?t wait to make love to her & as we started we heard the same noises from Dheeraj & Kalpana?s room. We again made passionate love with each other.
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