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Cheating Times Two

I stare in awe at the naked woman lying on the bed in front of me. Stretched out on her back and smiling, she motions for me to join her. I shake my head in disbelief at this amazing, dreamlike vision. Jane is a stunning blonde bombshell. Her immaculate skin is the color of bronze and it glistens under the dim light. The body on this incredible woman is mesmerizing, highlighted by huge, mountainous tits that stick straight up from her chest. I join her on the bed, straddling her chest while pressing my thighs hard against both sides of her upper body. Gazing down at her naked torso, I marvel at the beauty of this spectacular woman. I take her massive tits in my hands and squeeze. Staring directly into her big, bright, beautiful blue eyes, I slide my hard dick between her huge tits and squeeze hard again. I then begin to slide my dick up and down, slowly fucking those incredible titties. There is no way to describe Jane without talking about her heavy, tanned and very beautiful breasts. I do not exaggerate when I say that Jane simply has the biggest, sweetest, most beautiful set of tits I have ever seen on a woman. Whether she is wearing clothes or completely naked, Jane's tits are an awesome sight. They are alive, erotic, and sexy and they seem to have a dynamic energy that exudes from them. So how do I even begin to describe the experience of being in bed with those titties, fucking and sucking on them for hours at a time? It is simply a thrilling, exhausting erotic experience. I squeeze them, lick them, suck them and wallow in them. I allow them to smother me, completely engulfing my face as I gasp for air. Jane's tits are big, hard and they stick straight out. But that's only half the story. To go with those great tits, Jane also has the greatest set of nipples that I've ever seen on a woman. They protrude right at 1 1/2 inches from her mounds of flesh. I am certain of the length because I have measured them many times. Jane's tits and nipples are also extremely sensitive. I have made her come countless times just by playing with her titties. One of my favorite things to do is finger Jane's pussy with one hand while massaging her beautiful tits and nipples with the other hand. It drives her crazy and I love to do it just to see how many times I can make her come. Jane and I have been having an intense, dynamic sexual affair for more than two years. It was about one year after our first meeting that I first fucked her and we're still fucking every chance we get. I never get tired of fucking those big titties. The greatest thing about Jane is that she is a very sensuous, sexual woman. She loves to fuck. Jane's idea of a good time is getting sucked and fucked for hours at a time. She is a woman whose life is centered around sex. I love to look at Jane's completely naked body. The site of her standing nude with her short blonde hair, blue eyes, tanned skin and huge tits and nipples are like something out of a dream. But it is a dream that I am living and experiencing. I am fucking another man's beautiful, sexy wife, a woman that any man would covet, and I'm enjoying every minute of it. We all live in a world of dreams and it would appear that I have turned the ultimate dream into reality. At least I thought I had. How could anything possibly top being able to regularly fuck a woman like Jane, an intelligent, vibrant piece of pussy whose body is the envy of all women who come in contact with her? The situation was perfect. At least I thought it was. Then, two months ago, I got my first taste of Vikki, the wife of a good friend of mine, and it was like being hit with a bolt of lightning. The result is that my world has taken yet another incredible turn. I have known Vikki and Tom for more than 20 years. Tom and I actually started becoming good friends about 10 years ago and our friendship has continued since that time. I never dreamed I would ever start fucking his wife and I still ask myself how it happened. How was it possible that I could be fucking both my wife and an absolute sex goddess like Jane and still want more? I never thought it possible until I put my dick into Vikki's incredible pussy that first time two months ago. At that moment, all questions were answered. Vikki is a very short, slightly stout woman in her late 40's who is starting to show her age. She is good-looking but not a beauty by any means. She has long black hair with streaks of gray and she has very beautiful brown eyes. Vikki is certainly not in Jane's league when it comes to looks. But there was something about her that always struck me and my instincts told me that she would be a fantastic fuck. I never thought I would get the opportunity to find out and never really tried to seduce her. But sometimes circumstances just happen and I now find myself fucking a mother, grandmother, and the wife of a good friend. And, to add to the surprise, she is the most phenomenal fuck I have ever had in my life. And that includes Jane, the penultimate sex goddess. So, the bottom line is that by fucking Vikki, I'm cheating on the woman (Jane) that I'm cheating on my wife with. It sounds complicated and surreal and it is both. My ultimate pleasure in sex is finding a beautiful married woman who is ready to fuck and to seduce her. There is nothing more thrilling for me than putting my dick in another man's wife. Little did I know that I would ever be fucking two at one time, especially two that are sexual animals in bed like Jane and Vikki. While contemplating my current situation, the telephone rang. I was delighted when I heard Vikki's voice on the other end of the line. "Hey sweetie," she said. "How are you doing?" "I'm doing ok, how about you?" "Doing good, just sitting here thinking about you," she said. "Are we still on for this afternoon? I can't wait." "Sure, I said. "I'll be there. You just be ready to get the fuck of your life." Vikki laughed. "Hey, I got the fuck of my life last time. It will be hard to top that one." "That's my goal," I said. "Every time I fuck you I want it to be better than the last one." "I've got a feeling it will be," Vikki replied. "I tell you, the way I'm feeling about Tom right now, I may just let out all my frustration on your dick." What's wrong?" Oh, just Tom, married life and life in general I guess," she said. "Did you happen to notice Tom yesterday at the ball park, buzzing around Jane Crockett all afternoon? "You men must really think women are stupid. I know he's trying to fuck her, why doesn't he just admit it? We got into a big argument about it last night." Vikki mentioning Jane gave me reason to pause. I knew that Vikki and Jane knew each other because we all live in the same neighborhood and we all have kids playing at the local ballpark. But for some reason it never occurred to me that Jane's name would come up in a conversation with Vikki. And now she's suspecting that her husband is trying to fuck Jane, the same Jane that I've been fucking on a regular basis for more than two years. I gathered myself quickly and tried to make a joke out of what she said. "Yeah, Vikki, Tom's trying to fuck Jane and I'm trying to fuck you," I said. "I guess that's what makes the world go round." I laughed but caught myself immediately, thinking that what I said was probably insensitive. "I'm sorry Vikki," I said. "I shouldn't have said that. Here you are talking to me about a problem and I make a joke about it." "No need to apologize," she said. "That's one thing I love about you. You can find humor in the middle of misery. You did make one little mistake in what you said though. Tom is just trying to fuck Jane but you're already fucking me." She laughed and that helped to relieve my tension. "And what a fuck you are too," I said. "I know I've asked you before but where in the world did you learn to fuck like that?" "It's all you, baby," Vikki said. "You bring out the woman in me. I've never had a man turn me on the way you do. When we're not together, all I do is think about us being together." "It makes me feel good to hear you say that," I said. "You are so beautiful. Tom's a lucky man." "Yeah, he is I guess," she said. "But I think he's trying to get lucky with Jane. Has he ever said anything about her to you? Are they already fucking? Now wait a minute Vikki," I said. "Don't get me involved in this. I doubt if he's fucking her and he wouldn't tell me anyway. But it sounds like it would really bother you a lot if it was true." "It probably would," she said, "and I know I'm a hypocrite saying that. I guess turnabout is fair play. I guess it's just an ego thing. I know how all of you drool over Jane with those damn tits she's got. Maybe I'm a little jealous, especially since I know her and I believe she'll fuck anything with pants on." "Now Vikki, be nice," I said. "Jane's a nice girl." "Oh yeah, fuck you too smartass," Vikki said, laughing. "If Jane waved those big tits in your face, I wonder how long it would take you to start fucking her. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't already fucked her. Have you? This was getting too close to home and I knew that I needed to steer the conversation into a different direction quickly. "Remember now, you're mad at Tom, not me," I said. "No, I haven't fucked Jane but listen to me. I know I kid around and bullshit but there's one thing that I'm completely honest about. You have ruined me for all other women and I mean it. I just can't imagine fucking anybody else but you. You are the best looking, the sexiest woman I have ever met in my life. So I'll let Tom fuck Jane all he wants. I could care less, as long as I get to fuck you." Vikki laughed. "It really makes me feel good to hear you say that. I feel the same way about you. Never in a million years did I think I would ever cheat on Tom. But you came along and changed everything for me. I never knew sex could be like that. I can't get enough. If Tom finds out, I don't know what I'll do. All I know is I can't stop." I hated to lie to Vikki. But what could I do? Risk everything and tell her. What would I say? I guess I could say, "Yes, I've been fucking Jane and fucking her often for a long time. She is the kind of woman that every man dreams of taking to bed. Blonde hair, blue eyes, huge tits, great legs and a great ass. Just a very sexual woman. I had never cheated on my wife until I started taking Jane to bed and now I am cheating on both my wife and Jane with you. And I don't regret one minute of it." I just didn't think that such honesty would be the best policy in this case. One thing that I told Vikki, however, was the truth. As luscious and sexy as Jane is, there is just something about Vikki that drives me crazy in bed. Her body exudes heat and her ass and pussy are always on fire. Plus, she has one of the biggest asses I have ever seen on a woman. And a big ass is something that can keep my dick hard 24 hours a day. I changed the subject. "How do you think Tom would react if he found out we were fucking?" I asked. "To be honest, I've wondered that," she said. "He would probably kick me out of the house I guess. But who knows? What about you? What would Melissa do to you if she found out her husband was fucking around? Or should I ask what would she do to me?" "She would probably kill me, or kill you, or kill both of us," I said. "That's a sobering thought," Vikki said. "But you know what. It's still worth it. I'm just so glad we got together." "I know it," I said. "I was a little drunk that night but I still can't believe that I just came right out and asked you if you wanted to go to bed with me." "No, you didn't say it like that," Vikki said. "Don't you remember? You said, 'When are we going to get together and fuck'? I remember when you said that my pussy started tingling and my nipples got hard as a rock. To be honest with you, I've always been attracted to you. I've used my vibrator many times thinking about you. I've been wanting to fuck you ever since we met but I never thought you were attracted to me." "Damn Vikki, you are one hell of a woman," I said. "I wish to hell that I would have spoken up sooner. That's a lot of years gone by that I could have spent putting my dick in you. By the way, have I ever told you that you're the best fuck I've ever had?" Vikki laughed again. "About a thousand times," she said. "But I don't get tired of hearing it." "While we're on the subject of fucking, what are you wearing right now?" I asked. "I'm wearing those tight black shorts that you love," she said. "Oh shit, what about panties? Are you wearing any?" "Now you know I always wear panties," she said. "I just don't have them on long when I'm with you." We both laughed. "Oh, by the way," Vikki said, "Tom's got a new job. That's really what I called to tell you. He's going to be working out of town on Mondays and Tuesdays and in town the rest of the week. He's really excited about it. It sounds like a good job and it pays more money." "That's great," I said. "I hope it works out for him. So what are you going to do by yourself those two days that he's out of town?" Vikki laughed. "You're a real smartass today, aren't you," she said. "Well, just to make sure you know, I plan to spend part of the time with your dick in my mouth and another part of the time with your dick in my pussy. And hopefully I'll have time left for you to put your dick in my ass. How does all that sound?" This woman was just unbelievable. "Sounds like a plan," I said. "I'll certainly do my part. But make sure you schedule time for me to see how far I can get my tongue up your pussy." "Damn, we better stop this kind of talk," she said. "I'm already so wet I'm about to slide off this chair." "Good," I said. "My goal is to keep you wet. Tell me some more about those shorts." "I can't tell you anything about them that you don't already know," she said. "They're getting tighter and tighter because I keep gaining so much damn weight. All I know is that I love it when you take them off." "What about your top? I asked. "Do you have on one of those low-cut jobs that you're famous for?" "Actually, I don't have on a top right now. No top, no bra. Naked from the waist up. I was getting dressed and thought I would give you a quick call. So I'm half naked. How do you like that?" "Damn, I bet your nipples are hard as a rock too," I said. Vikki laughed. "Oh yeah, very much so. I need you to come over here and suck on them." "I wish I could," I said. "I wish I could." "Hey, I've got to go," Vikki said. "I'll see you at 4. And don't be late." "Sounds good," I said. "In the meantime, don't worry about Tom trying to fuck Jane. Chances are she would turn him down anyway. Does that make you feel better?" "The only thing that would make me feel better right now is your big dick in my pussy." We both laughed. "That will happen in about three hours and five minutes," I said. "I guarantee it. You just make sure you stay dressed just like you are and make sure those nipples stay hard." Just as I hung up the phone after saying goodbye, the telephone rang again. "Hey Joseph, what are you doing?" I recognized Jane's voice and sighed. What was I supposed to tell her? That I had found someone else to fuck, someone else to cheat on my wife with. "Hey Jane," I said. I'm just sitting by myself. What are you doing?" "Just thinking about you," she said. "To tell you the truth, I'm a little worried." "What's wrong? I asked. "I don't know. I just feel like you're getting away from me. We haven't fucked in three weeks and you don't seem as enthusiastic when we talk. It's kind of scary. Am I wrong?" "Jane, everything's ok," I said. "Why do you say that? You know how crazy I am about you." "I guess you could call it woman's intuition," she said. "Things just aren't the same. I'll just come right out and ask you. Are you fucking somebody else?" "Jane, come on," I said. "So I'm fucking my wife and I'm fucking you. And now you think I'm fucking somebody else?" "Look, you don't owe me anything," she said. "I shouldn't even have asked. We've always been up front with each other that our relationship was purely sexual. I don't have any right to say who you can fuck and who you can't. But it's just human nature for me to wonder and be a little jealous I guess. You know, what does she look like? Is she a better fuck than I am? I just can't imagine any woman fucking and sucking you any better than I do. I mean, who is it? Do I know her?" "Jane, this is ridiculous," I said. "Let's change the subject. When can we get together? I know it's been three weeks too and it's driving me crazy." So I found myself in the same situation with Jane that I had been with Vikki just a few minutes before. I had to lie but I didn't want to. But I was truthful when I told her that I was dying to fuck her. Vikki may have been wearing me out lately but that didn't stop me from wanting to fuck Jane. "You're right," she said. "How about tomorrow afternoon? I don't think I can wait any longer." "I'll work it out," I said. "What about Dennis? Are you sure it's ok?" "Yes," she said. "He's working two routes and doesn't get home until around 7. We'll have plenty of time." "Good," I said. "I'll be there. What are you going to wear?" She laughed. "Why don't you let me surprise you? You just be here. As horny as I am, you better come prepared to get fucked big time." "You just fuck me all you want," I laughed. "You have my permission." I said goodbye to Jane and looked at my watch. I had two hours until I was supposed to meet Vikki. I took a hot shower, got dressed and fixed myself a stiff drink. I contemplated my situation. It was difficult but I knew for certain that I wanted it to continue as long as possible. I arrived at the hotel right on time and tapped lightly on the door. It opened immediately. Vikki grabbed my arm and pulled me into the room. "Get your ass in here before I go crazy," she said. I gasped with excitement when I saw her. Just as I had requested, she was wearing nothing but those black shorts and a pair of high heel shoes. But I only got a brief glance as Vikki slammed the door and threw her body up against mine. Pinning me to the door, she attacked me, finding my tongue while simultaneously unbuckling my belt. Quickly removing my pants, Vikki slammed her body into mine, almost knocking the breath out of me. But I was so excited and so turned on that I didn't care. I immediately moved my hands down to her great ass and began squeezing. We continued to kiss each other passionately, both of us on fire. I pushed Vikki away from my body, grabbed her hand and began leading her to the bed. "I'm going to eat your pussy until I make you beg me to stop," I said. Then I'm going to fuck the shit out of you." "Not yet," she said, stopping me in my tracks. "You can do it all later. Right now I'm going to eat your dick." She went down to her knees and quickly took off my underwear. She was groaning with desire. When she pulled my underwear down, my dick popped out, hitting her on the side of the face. She yelled. "Oh, you sweet motherfucker, that's what I want right there." She took my dick in her right hand and studied it briefly. She then put it into her hot, wet mouth. Vikki was consumed with a sexual rage that I had never seen before. She grabbed my ass and pushed as hard as she could, forcing my dick in as deep as it would go into her threat. I thought for sure that she would choke but she just started sucking harder and harder while moaning and groaning like a whipped dog. I had never experienced anything like this. Vikki had never sucked my dick like this before. It was like she was possessed. And even Jane, who I thought was the greatest cock sucker alive, had never come close to making me feel what I was feeling right now.
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