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Threesome Curiosities

My curiosity had the best of me, after reading all these Literotica stories about a married couple involved in a threesome. The internet was the perfect place to make this fantasy come true. I met Scott and Kristine in a chat room and found they were from the same area of NJ, so we decided to meet the following Friday evening for drinks. The week went slowly, with anticipation until I found myself sitting at the bar awaiting their arrival. I didn't recognize Kristine alone but she definitely had my attention from the start, wearing a red, strapless dress, accenting what looked to be ample 36D breasts. With her athletic, late 20's body, soft blue eyes, long legs and blonde hair, she could pass as a Scandinavian cover model. "You must be John", she said, sliding next to me in the booth, on my right. "How'd you guess?" I happen to be in my mid-30's, 5'10" and in good shape. She looked down and indicated the bulge in my pants. "Oh, it must be huge." as she reached to begin brushing my 7" hard-on. We ordered drinks and talked for ten minutes about previous attempts at encounters. She began to open the slit of her dress up the left leg a little too high- far enough for me to notice her G-string, took hold of my hand and pulled it under. I felt her pussy shaved bare, making my fingers wet. One finger penetrated as another searched for her clit. She released a soft moan as I continued this foreplay. Another finger was added in her as I increased finger fucking her. The woman in the booth across from us noticed this display, and looked shocked. The prude leaned forward to whisper something to her male companion and he could only smile looking in our direction. This excited us further. Kristine's moaning was becoming louder than she wished. With her last sliver of self-control, she pulled my hand away and brought it to my nose. "Take a deep breath," as I savored her scent. Kristine sucked the finger into her mouth and said, "I can't wait any longer. Scott and I have a room upstairs. Are you ready for the time of your life?" Her nipples told me she was serious. I didn't need to be asked twice, standing to accept the obvious invitation. Moments later, a tall, handsome man in a bathrobe answered the door. "I'm Scott. You must be John." Where did I hear that before? I was entranced with the whole situation, and with Kristine. She stepped forward and kissed me, searching out with her tongue and began to unbutton my shirt. Standing with my back to the bed, I helped her step out of her dress, as her perfect breasts spilled out. I began to massage these wondrous globes, pinching her nipples- they couldn't be harder. I looked over at Scott who was sitting in a chair giving himself a sexual massage. "Oh, he likes to watch first", she said. "It really turns him on to see his wife get fucked by another man." "I've heard of guys like that." "Consider this a warm-up session for what is to come this evening, or rather who will cum." Scott stood up and said, this time I'll get involved. He walked over to me and kneeled down in front. "He's also bi-sexual", Kristine mentioned, "but I crave immediate attention." She pushed me onto the bed and moved above my face. As he helped unbuckle my pants, I felt him rub my boxers. "Scott's a great cocksucker, but I'm sure you'll be able to judge for yourself soon enough" as his hand pulled out my dick caressing it. With her sitting on me I couldn't move, couldn't run. What a strange feeling- another man feeling you up. Then I realized I didn't really want to move. Hey, there has to be a first for everything. I stopped squirming and succumbed to his attentions, continuing to work my tongue expertly on Kristine's clit. Scott took this as approval and pulled down my boxers. For a next first, I felt a warm, wet, awesome sensation as another man's lips encircled my cock. He came up a circled the tip teasing with his tongue, licking down, back up, engulfing my cock again. I could feel my cock in his throat- he was deep throating me! This continued for some time, up, down to my balls, up again and occasionally sucking on my balls1. The sucking power, licking, stroking, up and down, tongue teasing the tip. It really didn't matter what sex the giver was, it still felt great!! Kristine was breathing heavily and began moaning louder, "Oh yes, John! Stick your tongue in me." I reached up and pulled on her nipples. "Oh, that's it! My god! Scott, you cocksucker. Whatever you are doing to please him, keep doing it! Take his cum. Take it all and share it with me! I'm- cuming! I'm- ccuuuummmmming!!! Kristine's thrashing and nasty outbursts drove me over the edge. I tried to warn Scott, but he already knew as my cock began to twitch that the end was near. He responded by sucking harder until I exploded. He pulled back, his mouth open to catch the ropes of cum filling his mouth. As he swallowed, I gave him a facial, eyes, cheek, and chin. Kristine leaned forward and licked this all up, then kissed him to seek out any excess cum still in his mouth. She sat up and turned around to give me a wet, salty kiss. I'd tasted my own cum before, so this wasn't anything new- I actually liked it. We rested for a few minutes before Kristine suggested we try the hot tub in the bathroom. I sat in first and Kristine leaned he back right into me, my cock rubbing her ass. This helped me recover and soon she sat up and sank onto my cock, her pussy walls squeezing me into ecstasy. Having recently cum, I knew I could hold out longer this time. "That was the plan- for Scott to ready you for me. Now I can get a good, long fuck!" We got into a rhythm. I reached around in front and rubbed her inner thighs, working my way up. Eventually, I was massaging her clit again, but with my left finger, as we fucked. My right hand returned to her breast, as I slowed to nibble on her earlobe. This slow, painstakingly teasing fuck went on for twenty minutes, while Scott watched from the other end. I couldn't believe that I was with this gorgeous woman while her husband watched. Scott moved forward to feed on his wife's unattended left breast and help grope the right one while they kissed. He stood up out of the water, his 8" of erect cock dripping on Kristine's right shoulder, as she licked his balls moving up the shaft. "Would you like to return the favor for him?" I knew there might not be a better chance and nodded my head. She coaxed me by licking it and moving my head towards the tip as I hesitated. "I know what you're thinking- If I do this will make me gay? Will it question my manhood? Go ahead, it's okay. You're fucking me right now, aren't you? It's just for the enjoyment." I stuck my tongue out a swirled it around, catching a bit of pre-cum, and moved back to watch it string out between this hot cock and my tongue. This was so erotic, so nasty! He also tasted good, so I could no longer fight my curiosity about cocksucking. The tip entered my mouth and I continued until 4" had disappeared. No deep throating this time- plenty of time to learn! I worked on Scott, remembering everything my previous girlfriends had tried and what I enjoyed. Kristine licked the rest of the shaft until Scott warned he was close. Then she took his cock from me and sucked on it herself, until his throbbing meat was obviously pumping semen into his wife's mouth- not a drop missed. "I didn't think you would want to go the extra mile on the first time out," she told me. "Besides, there will be other opportunities later tonight, if you choose."
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