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Hot Threesome

I walk into the bar and look around. It's louder than I expected. Many of my friends had told me this was the place to come to pick up a woman. It quickly became apparent that this was a meat market. Everyone clearly had roaming eyes filled with lust and dressed to kill. I wish I had come with some friends but unfortunately no one was available. In the end it worked out best.
You probably saw me before I caught a glimpse of you. But you were hard to miss. The red hair surrounding your head was in stark contrast to most of the beach blondes running around the place. Your outfit made my dick twitch once. On top a form fitting button down blouse, black, which barely held back your massive round breasts. The shirt was open well above your navel, exposing your smooth, firm, abdomen. The miniskirt your wearing is form fitting black spandex, barely covers your thighs and has a high slit all the way up to the waist on one side. The black strappy stilleto heels along with a nice coat of makeup make you look perfectly slutty, just what I am looking for. As I walk over your eyes turn towards me, clearly moving down my body. It's a good thing I work out. "Hope the fact I am only 5'6" doesn't bother her," I think to myself. As I move closer your eyes fix on my crotch, eyeing my "package." Hope you like that!! I came here with one thought in mind, finding a woman for sex. You seem to be perfect for me. As I sit down next to you, I turn slightly to look at you." Hello, I'm Jessica. What brings you here?" Your more forward than I expect, especially since you probably have the pick of anyone in the bar. "A drink. Maybe some fun. You??" "Same. My name is Jessica, have we met before? You look very familiar."
After a little bit of time we realize that I had moonlighted a couple of times in a hospital you worked as a per diem nurse. At first it was extremely awkward, since neither of us would want our colleagues to know we came to a bar like this. Bu I enjoyed staring into your eyes, the way you smiled, and your wonderful body to pull away. "What the hell," I thought, "might s well go for it." We continue to chat about work, doctors and nurse we both know. Many times when I mention a colleague you say, " Oh I know him" in a way that clearly says you have had some kind of relationship with them, perhaps sexual.
After our next round of drinks I begin to regret not having eaten dinner. Pain in the ass being a light-weight. When our fresh drinks arrive I glance over and take this chance to "peek" at your chest. The shirt is buttoned up conservatively at the top, but is tight fitting enough to accentuate your magnificent breasts. Perfectly sized and very perky, they are impossible to ignore. Maybe because I am horny, maybe because of the liquor, I let my eyes linger too long. When I look up you stare back at me like I've been caught with my hand in the cookie jar. I sheepishly grin but you seem not be bothered, perhaps even enjoying the attention.
"I'll be right back. Keep my seat warm Sid." "Don't worry Jessica, I'm not going anywhere." After what seems like forever, you finally return. You look different-after a moment I realize you have unbuttoned your shirt, leaving a single button just between your breasts. The edges of a red bra peak out, and your cleavage looks magnificent. The open shirt catches slightly while you walk, opening wide and baring your abdomen. Many men stopped to stare as you walked by, drawn to your sexuality. As you sit down, one of your hands rests on my thigh, closer to my crotch than would be considered socially acceptable.
Chapter II
"Want to dance Jessica?" "I'd love to Sid." You grab my hand and practically drag me to the dance floor. On the way there you pull my hand, placing it on your hip. Once on the dance floor we begin to dance to the techno music. You clearly are enjoying yourself, your carefully arranged hair quickly being ruined. You gyrate your hips in a slutty way. Because of all your movements, the shirt shifts even more, clearly allowing your ample breasts to be clearly in view, fully exposing the shiny satin red bra you are wearing. Your hips are now fully exposed as your gyrating has caused your skirt to allow one of your legs to be fully exposed. Men from around the bar are staring at you, watching you not just enjoy the music but the way you are teasing everyone by exposing more flesh than is usual, but keeping the truly wonderful parts of your body hidden.
As the song changes you press closer, gyrating your hips into mine, causing my cock to harden. You smile at me, feeling my cock begin to press into you. I feel your hips pressing into me more, as your eyes tell me that its okay. I reach behind you and grab your ass, feeling it with both hands. I slowly slide my hands to trace the outline of your thong, enjoying how tight your skirt is. I run my hand down the thong strap, pushing your skirt in, clearly showing everyone where my hand is going. I push one finger directly against your puckered hole, publicly trying to violate you. Many stop to watch this display, amazed I would let you do this. You reach back to grab my hand, I assume to pull it away. You in fact push it in deeper, causing the tip of my finger to push two layers of fabric into your backdoor. You arch your back and moan loudly, causing more people to look as I use you.
After this incident things become really hot. You turn around to gyrate your ass in my crotch, but while bending over you expose your bra and cleavage to the entire dance floor. This draws a round of applause from the men, who are treating this almost as a strip show. As we continue to dance, your hand occasionally moves over my ass, rubbing it, pulling me closer. Once, you even let your had linger on my crotch, giving my now rock hard cock a squeeze. Suddenly, with your back to me, I notice another man has started to dance with me. He is muscular, about my height, wearing a tight fitting shirt and tight black pants. You continue to rub your ass into my crotch, but now put your hands around his neck and pull him into you, dancing with him as well. As I look, he reaches down and grabs your ass, clearly feeling you up. I enjoy this little development, knowing that I am dancing with the sexiest, sluttiest woman in the bar. To fully explore your sluttiness, I move my hand up your stomach, till I reach the bottom of your breasts. I cup them through the satiny material of your bra, enjoying how they fill my hands with soft, firm, flesh. You turn your head around and smile, kissing me, shoving your tongue down my throat. Once our kiss ends you turn forward again and kiss your other partner, giving his mouth equal attention.
As I continue to massage your breasts, I feel you grab my hand and pull me closer, but this time placing my hand on his ass. At first I pull away, but you persist He looks directly into my eyes and smiles. His hand now moves and cups one of my cheeks in his hands. It feels completely different than when you did it, his hands grip firmer, definitely more masculine. What shocks me the most is how much I enjoy it, the way he seems to know where to touch. Your eyes light up when you see the two of us touch. As he and I continue to massage each other's butts, I feel your hands slip down, massaging both our crotches. All pretense at hiding our touching is gone, everyone one the dance floor clearly can see us fondling each other. I decide to let everyone see what a whore you actually are. My free hand moves up and unbuttons the last button on your blouse. It falls open, revealing your breasts and bra for all to see. You make no move to hide yourself, enjoying the way your gyrating causes your barely restrained tits to jiggle, causing more people to stare. I've never seen a woman behave as slutty as you, it is the ultimate turn. You quickly turn to face me, still sandwiched between me and our new companion. The music changes to a slower beat, so you come closer to me, pulling our friend in as well. "Want to go home?" "Absolutely. Your place or mine?" "Let's just go to your car NOW." I can hear the urgency in your voice, your desire to move things along. As we move towards the exit you whisper something in the other man's ear. "By the way Sid, this is Jack." The three of us head towards the door, you start to fondle both our crotches while He and I rub your ass. Your blouse is now virtually off, hiding nothing. Once we get closer to the door, Jack's hand moves to the small zipper on the side of your skirt. With one swift move he unzips it. You turn your head quickly when you feel it, But do nothing. Walking causes the skirt to slowly slide down, exposing your matching shiny, satiny, red thong to everyone. Finally, it falls down, exposing you fully to everyone waiting to get into the nightclub. Without the slightest bit of hesitation you bend forward, pick up your skirt, and hand it to me. You then stop to adjust your thong, pulling it up tightly, causing your pussy lips to become accentuated through the thin fabric. Your hands now move to grab our cocks through our pants, and you virtually drag myself and Jack towards the car.
Chapter III
Once we reach the car, I get into the drivers seat while you sit on Jack's lap in the passenger side. You two immediately begin to make out, as his hands explore your body more fully. He pops one of your tits out of its confining cup and puts it into his mouth, savagely sucking on a nipple. You moan loudly, enjoying the stimulation. You look at me with lust in your eyes as you rub Jack's crotch more, clearly forming a bulge in his pants. Both your hands begin to massage his crotch, as he moans with a mouthful of tit in his mouth. I drive more quickly as you occasionally give direction. The drivers who look into the passenger side clearly can see what is happen, many honk at the sex show you are giving them.
I pull into the driveway which is fully lit with street lights. You get out of the car with Jack, leaving your shirt and miniskirt in the car. You slowly walk towards the door. Swaying your hips seductively, a small wet spot visible on your thong. Unconcerned with neighbors watching you, you open the front door and lead the two of us. Like a proper hostess you seat both of us on the couch and bring us drinks. All the time you make sure your thong is riding high and tight, accentuating your sex. You sit between us, putting your arms aroun the two of us and spreading your legs. "What do you two feel like doing tonight boys??"
Simultaneously Jack and I bend forward, each of us putting a tit in our mouths. As we both noisily suck on your succulent breasts. "Yes boys. That's perfect. Suck my tits. God that's wonderful." I reach a hand down a rub your pussy through the fabric of the thong, causing you to moan even louder. I quickly find your clit and start to rub it in time with my sucking of your nipple, enjoying the sensation of it hardening under my tongue. You start to thrash as your sensitive clit is rubbed, clearly you were close to cumming. As your first orgasm of the night overtakes you I feel the fabric of your thong become soaked with your juices, filling the room with the wonderful musky smell of sex. As your moaning subsides, you pull both of our faces up, kissing each of us deeply in turn. "Take your clothes off boys. I want to see you." Jack and I both stand up and begin to undress. Quickly, I am standing before you wearing nothing but my thong. You seemed pleased with what I am wearing: a shiny black spandex thong without seams, very smooth and very tight. Jack is wearing a gold metallic G-string, which barely conceals his large, 7" rock hard cock. His large balls seem to be popping out of his G-string, begging to be touched. I have never see another cock like this and found it erotic. Before I can stare at Jack's cock any longer you have stepped between us, massaging our cocks through the fabric of our thongs. I shudder at the light touch of your hands, so soft, so warm. Jack and I both step closer, my hand moves to your ass while Jack's hand moves to your pussy. We both massage you, keeping your thong in place. The mutual rubbing causes each of us to moan loudly as the smell of your sex coats our hands. I push aside your thong and bend down, kissing your ass. Jack mirrors my movements, kissing you over your pussy. You throw your head back again, grabbing Jack's face and grinding it into your sex. I take this chance to pull aside the thong strap to expose you puckered hole. I kiss it, gently, letting you know I am there. I stick my tongue out and touch it gently to your asshole, feeling it retract a little. As I persistently push my tongue at your backdoor you inhale deeply. I feel my tongue slip past finally, entering your back door, I grab your hips to steady myself while my tongue ass fucks you.
You create a rhythm, using Jack's tongue in your pussy and mine in your back door to fuck yourself with. As you slide over my tongue, I stare forward, seeing Jack's metallic covered cock through your parted legs. It looks even bigger now, more alluring. I can't help staring at it, wondering what it would feel like in my hand. Your moans increase in intensity as you begin to grind into our tongues faster, bringing yourself to the second orgasm of the night. Jack's face suddenly appears as you collapse to your knees, still shaking from your orgasm, covered with your juices. Your hands reach out instinctively and grab our cocks, tightly clinching them in your fists. You drag both of to you and kiss me deeply, tonguing me, trying to taste your own ass. Your turn to Jack and repeat the kiss, this time lingering longer, enjoying the taste of your own cum. "Fuck me now boys. I need to feel your cocks."
With little fanfare you take our cocks out of thongs, not even removing them. I lie down, and you then push aside your own thong and lower your wet cunt over my rigid pole. The feeling of your hot, tight, sweet pussy engulfing my cock is almost too much. I have to use all my control to not cum. Your beautiful breasts, still in the bra, fall in front of my face so I playful kiss them. As your full weight falls onto my chest, we kiss. The taste of your cum from your kiss with Jack is still intense, musky, flavorful. Suddenly you moan loudly and throw your head back. I realize that Jack has placed the head of his cock at your ass, redy to penetrate you. "Do it Jack. Fill me up." I suddenly feel Jack's cock through the thin membrane separating us as he roughly thrusts his full length in. You let out a massive scream, as if in pain, but your eyes are filled with pleasure and lust, like a true slut. The pleasure is intense as you start to slowly hump our two cocks. Both holes being filled makes your pussy extra tight, and the feeling of Jack's cock heightens my pleasure even more.
We develop a rhythm with my cock in your pussy, Jack's in your ass. Slowly but surely we fuck you at the same pace. You make animal grunts, your eyes rolled into the back of your head with pleasure. Jacks lets out the occasional moan, his eyes are closed. I can only imagine that if your pussy is this tight your ass must be heavenly. Jack looks at me and winks, clearly enjoying his position. I reach back and grab his ass, driving him even more deeply into your back door. He reaches forward to grab my ass, forcing me into your pussy. I can feel my cock head practically touching his, sending shooting waves of pleasure over me. "Oh god. Fuck my holes boys. I am your whore. Use me. Cum inside me." The rhythm picks up. I grab your tits, feeling their fullness send me over the edge. "Oh god Jessica. I'm cumming. Fill her ass with cum Jack. Now Jack." As my cum begins to shoot out I can actually feel Jack's cock jerk then release his load. He and I scream in unison, the orgasm is more intense than anything I have ever felt. I feel my balls unload what is gallons of cum. As I close my eyes I feel the full weight of your body and jacks on top of me, as the three of us embrace, all three of us exhausted, I kiss you as Jack pulls out, enjoying the feeling it gives me now that you and I are almost alone. As you pull yourself off my softening cock I moan, not wanting the sensation to end.
Chapter IV
Jack and I put our cocks away and sit on the couch side by side. Both spent. You get up but quickly return with fresh drinks. You sit across from us, still wearing your sexy lingerie, legs spread wide. Cum can clearly be seen leaking from your pussy and your ass. Ever once in a while you reach down and gather some with your fingers, sucking it into your mouth. "Watch me boys." You pull your thong aside revealing your pussy, your clit is popping out from its sheath, fully erect like a little cock. You seductively put two fingers in your mouth and then bring them down, rubbing your clit. "God you two fucked so good. I have never felt that full before. I love being your slut. I just wish I could have seen you face Jack when you came. Sid looked so wonderful. And both of you look so sexy now, sitting there in those cute little thongs." I feel my cock twitch and see Jack's doing the same. My breathe quickens when I feel Jack's hand on my thigh. I do nothing to stop him as he slowly moves it higher. Letting it rest on the this waist band of my thong. My cock is now semi hard in my thong. I look into Jack's eyes and place my hand directly on his G-string encased cock. For the first time in my life I touch another man's cock. It feels odd in my hand, but the smooth metallic fabric has a wonderful sensations as I gently rub his cock to hardness. Jacks moans loudly as his own hand traces the edges of my thong, teasing me. "Do it boys. Pleasure each other." Jack's hand finally reaches my cock and begins to stroke it through the fabric. I am now rock hard, enjoying the sensation fully.
Jack's cock is now straining at his G-string. I lean forward, resting my face on his crotch. I kiss his cock head causing you and Jack to both moan. I love the feeling of the metallic fabric against my lips. I slowly move down his shaft, tasting a little precum as it leaks from his cockhead. Jacks hands are now roaming over my ass, exploring the edges of the thong I wear. My mouth finally reaches his balls. I suck one into my mouth, enjoying the feeling it gives in my mouth. Jacks moans again, "Oh god Sid, that's perfect. Suck my balls." As I roll it around in my mouth I feel Jack bend over further, kissing my ass. His kisses are focused on my thong, gently wetting each part with his tongue. I let the ball pop out of my mouth, now kissing up to the head. Without any hesitation I put Jack's cock in my mouth through the G-string. I have started to give my first blow job. My tongue slips the fabric of his G-string aside so that his cock is in my mouth alone. I taste his precum, its blandness surprises me. Another more subtle taste fills my mouth, it must be your ass. I make a gentle suck with my mouth, feeling my cheeks cave inward. I pull more of his cock into my mouth, feeling it tickle the back of my throat. While this is happening I feel Jack at my back door with his mouth, somehow kissing it. I moan on his cock, knowing the vibrations will stimulate him further. I look over to see you fucking yourself with 4 fingers, loving the display we are giving you.
But now its my chance to enjoy the feeling of a cock in my mouth. I bob my head up and down, loving every inch of Jack's cock, knowing his balls are bowling with his wonderful juices for me to drink. Jack's tongue suddenly penetrate s my back door, causing me to let his cock pop out of my mouth, "That's right Jack. Taste my ass. Fuck my ass with your tongue." I enjoy the pleasure he is giving me, realizing that only another man could give me pleasure like this. I bob my head up and down more rapidly, being rewarded by Jack with a fierce animal sound. My hand massages his balls, I feel them tighten. Suddenly, Jacks thrust up, burying his cock deep in my mouth, and then he grants me my wish, filling my mouth with his cum. It is more than I would expect, salty and musky at the same time, the best taste I could ever imagine. I greedily suck on his cock like a starving man, trying to get every drop. Jacks moans finally begin to die down.
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