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MMF Threesome

As she looked out of the window, and saw him pull up onto the drive, she smiled and felt her nipples get hard. He looked absolutely gorgeous, as usual, from what little she could see. Oh, if only she could shag him again, like last time! He'd been so erotic, pushing her onto the bed, then letting his rock hard dick penetrate her until she wanted to scream in pleasure. Unfortunately, she'd had a few friends staying over, and didn't want them to know about it.
'Are you coming downstairs? he's here!' It was her boyfriend. Excitedly, she answered in the positive, and ran downstairs to greet them both. She kissed her boyfriend, and watched her lover come into the house. They exchanged a hug and lots of smiles.
'How are you, bro?' her boyfriend asked her lover.
'I couldn't be better!' Her boyfriend's brother sat down wearily and she studied him again. Yes, he was still lovely as ever. Tall, dark and handsome, with blue eyes and a wide smile that made her want to melt into him. They looked at each other, and she took particular notice of his crotch, which was quickly rising in his trousers. She smiled.
'If you're good, you might have that later!' he whispered. She grinned, looking forward to that.
Later on, all three of them decided to go out for a few drinks, as there was nothing on TV and also to catch up on the gossip. She looked stunning that night, a partially see-through black dress, just covering where her knickers should have been, but instead, bare flesh. The dress complemented her breasts beautifully, so it was obvious whether she was turned on or not, and her long red hair fell in silky strands over her shoulders. Boyfriend and lover were impressed. 'I'll give you a good time later!' each of them promised her.
The night out was great, but she felt that it dragged on a little bit, so as she finally made it back home with her two most gorgeous guys in the world, she began to feel immensely excited. Even a slight touch from her boyfriend made her pant. Her lover took one look at her, took her hand, and walked her upstairs to the bedroom. He threw her on the bed, practically tearing off her dress and grabbing at her tits, which were now pert and ready for action. As he took one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked hard, she screamed with pleasure.
'I want you to fuck me!' she moaned.
'Very well!' he unzipped his combats, revealing a rock hard dripping cock. She grabbed it, wanking him off for all she was worth, then she took control. She pushed him down onto the bed and guided his dick into her satisfied cunt. Just as the bed was rocking with full force of the passionate sex, her boyfriend came in. He had a raging hard on, and was wanking himself off as he watched his brother fuck his girlfriend. It turned him on like nothing he ever knew before. As her lover came, her boyfriend jumped on top of her, and rode her as though there was no tommorow. Her lover forced his dick into her mouth, and she sucked hard. She orgasmed, once, twice, three times in a row, getting more turned on as she did. Then her boyfriend jumped off and they both caressed her tits and finger fucked her. For the rest of the night, they fucked her in all conceivable positions until she was ready to explode in their arms. Needless to say, when her lover had to travel back home the next day, she was dissapointed, but he had promised her lots of visits and more sex than she could ever immagine, and her boy friend agreed.
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