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The Slut On The Beach

Keith Davis lay back and looked up at the clear, cloudless sky above him. A seagull circled overhead and cawed with a sound like a crying baby. The sea lapped gently onto the sandy shore. Keith relaxed. He felt like dozing in the warmth of the late afternoon sun but the sand felt hard beneath his back kept him awake. His wife Calista v or Cal v lay beside him. Almost a younger version of his first wife, Cal was a beauty. Her shoulder length blonde hair shone in the sunshine and her tanned, athletic body looked hot and sexy in the skimpy bikini that she was barely wearing. It was the third day running that the unlikely couple had sat in this spot on the beach. They were waiting. Watching. Looking. They were looking for a man v any man v to help them. But the last few days had proved fruitless and Keith was beginning to wonder if this particular beach, whilst remote enough not to be disturbed, was maybe too remote. Would anyone ever see them? But this day was to be the exception to the rule. As Keith leaned over to rub a little oil onto his wife-s back he could see movement in the near distance. His immediate prayer was that whoever was approaching was not a woman v whilst Cal was certainly no stranger to the art of lesbian love, she had, on this occasion specifically requested that she be joined by a man. As the image drew nearer, Keith could feel his heart start to race. Not just a man , but several men were approaching. He could feel the dryness of excitement on his lips and a flutter in his chest. Would this be what Calista wanted? She had never mentioned a group of men. Would she embrace this new idea or decide to wait longer? Honey, I think we-ve been noticed. Keith whispered in her ear as the men approached. ?I think you had better look for yourself. Calista Davis slowly turned over on her towel and propped herself up on her elbows. She immediately saw the reason for her husband-s hesitation; Keith may have been more than happy to share her with one man but how would he feel about a group of men, she wondered? A rush of adrenaline surged through her tight frame and she could feel the hardening of her nipples beneath the bikini top. I can handle it. She said simply. ?Can you? Keith breathed a huge sigh of relief and nodded his head frantically. Could he handle it? There was little that would excite him more! The group of men had noticed them immediately. They were clearly of mixed origin; blacks and whites v probably friends on holiday together, Keith thought. They had a cooler with them and quickly spread out a blanket on the sand. It was very obvious to Keith that the group of men had set themselves up close to him and Cal. He guessed that they were thinking that they would probably get sneak views of his wife as she sunbathed. Keith smiled to himself. He knew Calista and knew what she wanted. These guys were in for more than a quick flash! Why don-t you come over and join us?? Keith suddenly called to the group. If you have a spare beer in there I know we could both use one! It seemed the men couldn-t get over fast enough. The large blanket was spread out and they were all soon sitting relaxed and sipping cold beer with Keith and his wife. After several minutes of small talk, Keith knew that he had to get things moving. He was well aware of the leering glances that Cal had been receiving from all of the men, but he needed to move things along a little faster now. Opening up a second tin of beer, Keith deliberately aimed it at his wife. The tin popped and hissed as the contents erupted and splashed onto Calista. That-s a bit of a waste of beer!? Joe, one of the two black men in the group laughed. Keith looked up silently for a moment. This was all part of the master plan. Not necessarily.? He said quietly. It tastes better this way. Moving towards his wife, Keith lowered his head to her tanned stomach and prepared to lick the spilled beer from her skin. Not so fast! Calista giggled playing her part well. You-ve had enough beer already! She looked around the group of men and pointed at Alan, a tall, bronzed surf-bum type. Why don-t you drink it? It took Alan just a few short seconds before he realised what Calista was saying. He smiled his willing agreement. The rest of the men cheered him on as he bent and slowly licked the brew from Calista-s shapely body. Alan noisily licked up the last of the beer from Calista-s flat stomach and smacked his lips appreciatively. Nothing like a nice cold beer on a hot woman-s body!? He joked. I think you got some on your tits as well. Said Mike with a grin. For a moment there was silence, the men clearly wondered if they had now gone too far. All eyes were on Keith. I think you might be right.? He said slowly looking over at his wife and grinning wickedly. ?Take your top off, honey. Lets see if you got any beer on those lovely titties of yours! The gang of men visibly relaxed and Keith heard a few sighs of relief from them. There was no going back now, he knew. Once this had started it could be difficult to stop it. Content in the knowledge that her husband was happy with the situation, Calista virtually ripped off her top with a cry of joyful exclamation. Grabbing the tin of beer she poured half the contents over her ripe breasts. The men watched as the liquid trickled and meandered its way down through her tanned cleavage and pooled in her navel. Who-s first then? There was a sudden clamour of activity as Joe and his friend Dave made a dive for Calista-s breasts and began to lick and suck at the hard nipples. Keith sat back and relaxed. He was a happy man again. His young wife was getting what she wanted and he was watching. All was good in the world! I think some got down here, too! The last group member cried. He had introduced himself earlier as Phil and was the second black man of the group. Calista lay back breathing hard as the men ravaged her body. The excuse of spilled beer was now a distant memory as they sucked and nibbled on her nipples and she could feel strong hands pulling down her bikini panties. She gasped as a tongue snaked over her shaved mound and delved deeply between her labia and stimulated her engorged clitoris. This was what she had been waiting for. And she loved it! Keith watched as his wife began to arch her back and buck her hips up towards the head between her legs. He could feel a strong erection growing inside his swimming shorts and knew that Cal was getting close to her orgasm. The men surrounded her, groping and fondling as they took her higher and higher. He could hear her moaning deeply and saw her bare toes curl into the sand as she climaxed hard. So, was that it?? Dave asked sheepishly as the men allowed Calista time to recover, ?or is there any more?? No way do we stop now. Calista cried. ?I want cock and plenty of it! Again Keith saw the men visibly relaxed. They knew they were all going to get laid! Got something right here for you, baby!? Joe drawled as he stood in front of Calista and yanked the front of his shorts down. Keith watched his wife-s reaction as she saw the large, semi-erect black tool uncurl. Her eyes twinkled with joy as she shuffled towards Joe on her knees and wrapped her fingers around the fat girth of his long shaft and guided it quickly towards her mouth. Calista-s hair was matted with perspiration and sand as she kneeled in front of Joe and began to fellate him. The other men stood around; some were massaging the front of their shorts while others had removed their clothes and were openly masturbating as they waited their turn. After only a few minutes, Joe groaned deeply. His legs trembled slightly and his hands grasped the back of Calista-s head and pulled her towards him. Keith heard his wife moan deep in her throat and gurgle as the black man climaxed in her mouth. For several seconds Joe simply rocked himself back and forward, slowly pumping his tool in and out of Calista-s mouth until he was sure that he was completely drained. No sooner had she swallowed as much of Joe-s cum as she could. Calista was pulled around to face Mike. Mike had completely divested himself of all his clothing and wore nothing more than a smile and a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. The rest of the guys now surrounded him as he quickly forced a long, thin cock into Calista-s mouth. Man, you married a real slut!? Dave shouted as his friend began to forcefully ram his tool between Cal-s abused lips. ?You must be a proud man! Keith laughed his agreement and moved himself closer. He knew his pretty wife to be an expert cock-sucker and he also knew it wouldn-t be long before Mike spurted his seed. True to Keith-s assumption, just a few moments later, Mike groaned and pulled his cock clear of Calista-s mouth. A few quick rubs were all it needed before a huge jet of sperm shot from his cock-head and hit the woman squarely in the face. Ah, a nice facial! Mike groaned as he released more cum. There was a flash from behind him and Keith whirled around to see Dave pointing a camera directly at Cal-s cum-streaked face. A few more shots clicked off before Dave spoke. Just thought you might like a keep-sake!? He grinned. ?Something to remember us by! Keith laughed and nodded eagerly. ?Good idea. Let me take a few photo-s while you fuck her up the ass! This was not a request that Dave was going to ignore. With a moderate sized cock that was fiercely erect, he kneeled up behind Calista just as Alan was sliding his hard cock over and between her tits. Keith was overjoyed and extremely excited. His cock ached and throbbed beneath his shorts and he rubbed the front of them, revelling in the sensations that washed over his body. Calista could feel someone behind her and, turning her head, smiled warmly at Dave. She gasped as she felt his fingers inside her soaked vagina as he smeared her juices around and lubricated her tight back passage. Cal loved to have her ass played with and enjoyed the feel of a nice hard cock in that hole even more. She arched her back seductively and pushed her butt up and towards him. She could feel his hands opening her and his fingers probing the tiny opening. She prepared herself for the inevitable penetration. Dave-s hands trembled as he fumbled his cock against the tiny opening that was Calista-s asshole. His breathing was harsh and ragged and he knew that, once inside this lovely woman-s ass, he wouldn-t be able to hold out for long. Dave could feel her pushing back towards him and breathlessly lined up the tip of his cock with her tight anus. He held his breath and leaned forward. For a moment nothing happened; Calista-s tiny rosebud hole refused to yield. A little harder push. A thrust. A lunge. He heard a long low moan from the woman beneath him and felt a tight, hot glove envelop him as he sank gloriously into her depths. Now constantly massaging his throbbing member through his shorts, Keith joined the crowd of men as they watched his wife being butt-fucked. Dave was leaning in and sliding his tool gently but firmly deep into her ass. Keith heard his wife moan. Cal was enjoying the treatment as much as anyone and maintained a steady rhythm by thrusting herself back onto the cock. One of her hands was now busy between her legs as she rubbed her clit frantically trying her best to time her impending climax with Dave-s. Dave had been right. He knew that stamina had never been his strongest suit and could already feel his balls begin to twitch. He was aware that the woman was masturbating furiously as he slammed into her ass and could feel the pressure of her fingers through the thin wall of skin between her cunt and asshole. Suddenly there was a trembling beneath him. He watched Calista-s back arch deeply and heard an unmistakable groan of ecstasy escape her lips. As she climaxed he could feel the muscles in her ass clench and tighten around his cock. It was too much for him and, with a cry of satisfaction; he erupted deep inside her bowels. Alan held onto Calista-s shoulders as he thrust his cock in and out through the deep, moist cleavage of her breasts. He had been watching as Dave had slammed his cock into her ass and was now ready to explode himself. Suck it for me baby! He gasped as he pushed his twitching manhood towards her mouth. Cal just had time to lock her lips around Alan-s jerking member before it erupted in her mouth. Again the salty taste of male sperm assaulted her senses as a great wave of jism cascaded over her tongue and down her throat. She swallowed hard and fast loving every drop. There was nothing quite like a mouthful of sperm, she thought to herself, unless maybe it was two mouthfuls! Calista was clearly a little fatigued now but there was yet another man v a big, black man v pulling down his shorts. Phil was smiling at her as he stepped out of the garment and menacingly massaging a large, swollen erection. You lay back, girl. He drawled as he stood over her. ?Just a few quick licks on this pole and I-m gonna cover your face with cum! Cal lay back on her airbed and licked her lips as the long length of black meat was pushed towards her. She opened her mouth willingly and stretched to allow him access. He tasted warm and manly as she felt him slide over her tongue. She wanted him badly, wanted to taste more semen. Phil knew that he was already way too close to climax to stand much stimulation. His cock jerked and twitched violently as he slid it deep into the woman-s throat. A voyeur at heart, he had watched each of his friends in turn take their pleasure from her and he knew that his balls were at critical status. As he pumped himself slowly but forcefully into Calista-s throat he could feel his heavy testicles rubbing against her nipples. He was just marveling at how hard they still were after all the treatment and abuse that they had taken when he felt himself pass the point of no return. With a deep, guttural groan Phil pulled his tool clear and emptied his balls directly onto Calista-s face. This woman was amazing, he thought as he slapped his cock against her bruised lips, she just seems to love cock! Keith was still breathing hard as the last man stepped away from his used and abused wife. His swollen cock just wouldn-t quit twitching in his shorts and he was conspicuous by being the only person still with any clothes on. You look fit to burst, man!? Joe drawled as he saw the bulge in the front of Keith-s swimsuit. ?Why don-t you get on over there and give her your load too? This was not part of Keith and Calista-s plan. In the past when he had shared her he had been more than content to just watch and not participate. But he was feeling so excited now; so stimulated. It was as if every nerve in his body were standing up on end. Amid cheers and encouragement from the other men, Keith slowly walked over to his prone and exhausted wife. As he approached her he could see the streaks of cum that stained her pretty face v other men-s semen. His cock was smaller than any of the others; he was well aware that he could never measure up to them. But their idea sounded too wonderful to pass up. As he stood at Cal-s head, his legs in the cool water, Keith pulled down the front of his shorts and released his small but fiercely hard penis. He looked down at his wife-s wet face and began to masturbate. It was the best session of his life and as he jerked himself off faster and faster he could start to feel his legs tremble. His knees suddenly became weak and his white thighs quivered like jelly. He gasped, holding his breath. He was there. Ready to cum. Ready to unload himself where so many men had done before. Calista opened her eyes just in time to see a great wad of semen v her husbands- sperm v splash directly onto her face. She opened her mouth and swallowed as much of his jism as she possibly could. It tasted slightly different than usual and reasoned that it was probably the mixture of all the cum that she had swallowed that made it taste that way. Her whole body was trembling and shaking. She couldn-t even remember how many times she had climaxed or indeed how many men had cum on her or inside her. She just knew that she was happy. As the group of men started to make their way off the beach, Keith saw that they had left the small pocket camera that Dave had been playing around with earlier. What about this? He called after them. The men turned around, a wide smile on each face. You keep it! Shouted Dave. ?Like I said, something to remind you of your afternoon on the beach!
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