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Couple in Club

"So, where were you last Saturday night Mrs. Marshall?" "I was at the club." "The club? There's more than one club." "It's a sex club that me and my husband belonged to." "Mrs. Marshall-we have reason to believe that you killed you husband. If you didn't, as you say you didn't, then why don't you try telling me what you think happened." "Well, it started two weeks ago. I was driving home from work, when all of sudden my engine started to smoke. Then my engine stopped and I was stranded in the middle of nowhere. I had to take side roads because the beltway was backed up because of rush hour. After about an hour and a half only one car had driven by, and they didn't stop to help me. I had my cell phone with me, but it had run out of battery, because I had forgotten to charge it the night before. I noticed in the distance some headlights. I figured that I might have more of a chance of them stopping if I take the gamble that it be a guy, so I unbuttoned a couple buttons on my blouse revealing some cleavage. I knew this would help because I had always had a great body. I may have married young, but being only 26 I'm not about to lose my figure. I'm also very ample. I have D cup breasts, and I had the hope that along with my beautiful brown hair and big brown eyes my breasts might be able to catch the attention of the upcoming car. The car was driving slowly. As it passed by I noticed that it was a stretch limo. It drove past me without slowing, but before long it came back. The window farthest to the back opened slowly and a middle-aged man poked his head out. "Do you need some help miss?" he asked. I explained to him that my car had broken down. I leaned down into the window to give him as good a look at my cleavage as I could hope that he would indeed help me. He gave my cleavage a glance and than got out of the car. He looked over my whole body. He looked up my long legs, my short skirt, my flat stomach, my chest, and then into my eyes. "If you need some help, miss, you can get into my limo and come to my mansion. I don't have a phone with me, but there are plenty there. By the way, my name is Mr. Hamilton." "Thank you so much!" I said as I flashed him a sexy smile. During the ride to his home he put his hand on my leg. Being a married woman I would normally object, but in a situation like this, with me as helpless as I was I couldn't say anything. "I noticed that you're married," he said noticing the ring on my finger. This realization didn't seem to persuade him off my leg, because he was moving his hand ever closer to my pussy along my leg. I wasn't happy about this, because if he thought I was going to do him any sexual favors he was way off the mark, but at the same time I was extremely turned on by the idea of a strange man making his was to my pussy. "When we get to my house you can call your husband to come pick you up." As Mr. Hamilton said this he slid a finger under my panties and felt the moisture building up at my pussy. He took his hand out from under my skirt, and his finger glistened with my juices. I looked out the window the rest of the ride, trying to keep him from seeing that I was turned on. "Where are we?" I asked as we drove into a mechanically opened gate. After driving up a long uphill driveway I saw as we approached the top of the hill that on the other side was the largest mansion I had ever seen. "This is my mansion," replied Mr. Hamilton. "We'll call your husband from inside." We drove into the garage, and the driver opened the door for me. Mr. Hamilton showed me down an extremely long hallway. There were doors on either side all the way down the hallway. One door was open a crack, and I could have sworn on my life that I heard a young woman moaning in orgasm. When we reached the end of the hallway there were two massive doors. As Mr. Hamilton opened the doors he revealed a large office, with the back wall as a large window. There was a large desk near the back of the office. I noticed that the wall on the side was a series of small TV's, all black and white. As I looked closer at one I noticed that each television showed different, all very attractive people. In the majority of the screens people were having sex. I stood there watching one in particular. It was a threesome. The two girls had some of the best bodies I had ever seen. The man lay on a bed with his cock being rode rapidly by one of the girls, while the other was kneeling with her pussy over the mans face and with one of the other girls tits in her mouth. Although there was no audio I could see that the girl with a cock in her pussy was screaming frantically. "Where's the phone?" I asked remembering why I was there. All I wanted to do at the time was slide two fingers up my pussy, but I had to call my husband and get home. "Here it is, Mrs. Marshall," said Mr. Hamilton as he handed me a phone. I dialed my phone number, and my husband picked up. I explained to my husband everything that had happened. I then gave the phone to Mr. Hamilton to tell my husband how to get here. It took my husband around a half an hour to arrive. When he came into the office his attention was immediately drawn the televisions. "Honey, I'm so glad you came," I said, attempting to draw his attention from the televisions. "This is Mr. Hamilton, he owns this mansion." "How about you two getting the grand tour of my home here?" asked Mr. Hamilton. We agreed to his offer. He told us that he himself had some business to attend to, but he would buzz somebody in to show us around. He told us we may be very surprised, and that he wanted to talk to us when we were done. A young woman came in to the office. "Hi, my name is Jessica. Mr. Hamilton asked me to show you around and tell you about this place" she said, showing us out of the room. "This isn't just a mansion," she explained. I noticed that my husband was staring at her tight ass. She was wearing tight white pants. It bothered me a little bit that my husband would blatantly stare at her with me standing right there, but I let it go, because even I was a little turned on by her great body. "This is also a very exclusive club. To join you must be chosen." "What kind of club is this?" I asked. "Well step in through this door and I'm pretty sure that will save me from having to explain," answered Jessica. As she held open the door for my husband and me we stepped into a large room. Inside the room there was a bed and two couches. On the bed there was a man fucking a girl doggy style. The girl was a sexy brunette. She had long hair and a body to die for. Her tits were at least a C cup. She was very tan, with absolutely no tan lines. She was leaning down eating out a second girl. The girl lay on the bed with her legs spread-eagle. She had short black hair and had C cup tits. She was squeezing her tits and moaning frantically. On one of the couches a man was sitting back with a redhead bobbing her head as she sucked his cock. I could see his face cringing in pleasure. He had one hand on her head pushing her head up and down, while his other hand was resting on the armrest. On the other couch there was a man sitting down, with a girl on him. His dick was in her ass. There was another man in front of them holding her legs so they would be spread out. He was ramming her pussy. The young woman was screaming in pleasure as the two men double penetrated her. I then looked back at the other couch, where I saw the redhead lift her head up and allow the guy she had just finished sucking to bust his load all over her B tits. When he was finished she lifted her tit to her tongue and licked her chest clean. I looked up at my husband who was standing there watching the people on the bed. I looked down and saw a growing bulge in his pants. I grabbed his penis, gave it a couple strokes, and flashed him a smile. "So, Jessica, this is a sex club?" asked my husband. "Yes, with only the best looking people. Everyone here is clean, and open to exploring everything about sex." She took us around most of the mansion, and in almost every room there were some people having sex. She then took us back to the office where Mr. Hamilton was waiting. "So what do you think, do you like my home?" Mr. Hamilton asked. Without waiting for an answer he explained to us that we have been chosen to join. My husband and I told him that we would need to sleep on it, and we left. When we got home we talked about Mr. Hamilton's proposition. My husband was very interested in joining. I needed little convincing, because even I was very intrigued. "You won't have to have sex with anyone you don't want to." Said my husband, reassuring me that it was a good idea before we went to sleep. "I can think of one person I want to have sex with," I said, running my hand through my hair and smiling at him. He leaned over and began to kiss me. He went down on me, kissing my neck, then my breasts, down my tight stomach, through my line of pussy hair, and finally to my pussy. My pussy was soaking wet. I really needed a good fucking. After him licking my pussy I felt wave after wave of orgasm. Once I had regained my composure I had him sit up at the edge of the bed. I kneeled down in front of him, and I put my head down over his cock. I took the full length of his cock into my mouth. I licked backed up the length. I then began to bob my head. I licked the head of his penis, and sucked him off like crazy. I let him bust in my mouth. I swallowed his entire load. I put his half limp cock in between my tits, and he let out a few more drops of his cum. I lay down on the bed and guided his hands to my pussy. He fingered me with two fingers. Once he got his cock hard he lifted himself up over me. He positioned his member into my pussy and put it in as far as he could. I could feel as my pussy clutched tightly to his cock. I was so turned on that my juices provide all the lubrication we could ever need. He began to thrust his hips. I felt his dick going in and out of my pussy, and I began to scream out. He increased his pace, and I began to scream more and more, unable to hold it back. I felt waves of orgasm go through me again, and I could see from his face, and feel from his dick going limp inside of me that he was letting out his load inside of me. When we got to Mr. Hamilton's office we told him that we would like to join. We had to sign some contracts just as formalities, but both of us were so excited that neither of us took time to read them. After signing the contracts we were official members, and he told us to go ahead and enjoy ourselves. We could come and go at anytime. When we left the office there was a man and a woman waiting for us. The man was average height, and very muscular. The woman had shoulder length blonde hair, and B cup tits. The man grabbed me and took me down the hallway to the right. The woman took my husband down the hallway to the left. We turned left at the end of the hallway, which led to another hallway. We went in to the third door on the right. Inside of the room there were 2 more men. They lay me down on to the bed and started kissing me all over. They began to remove all of my clothes. One man spread my legs out, and he stuck his dick into my pussy. As he started to pump me I let out a moan. The experience was so wild. I had the dick inside me of a man that I had never met before. This fact alone was turning me on like crazy, but also it felt so good. He had a huge dick that ripped through my tight pussy. As I was being fucked one of the other men came over and stuck his dick in my mouth. With all the pleasure riding through my body I had so much energy that I was giving the best blowjob of my life. The third of the men came and knelt over my stomach. He grabbed both of my tits and played with them, keeping them from rocking back and forth along with the rest of my body from the great fucking I was taking. He squeezed my tits together, and slid his dick in between he began to thrust his hips, fucking my tits. I heard the man whose dick was in my pussy give a loud moan. I knew he was cumming inside of me. The thrill of a strange man releasing his boys in me and the intense pleasure I was getting pushed me over the edge, and I began to scream in orgasm. A few seconds later, the man I was sucking released his load into my mouth, which I swallowed all of. Just after that the man tit fucking me busted onto my tits. The three men left the room. I lay there catching my breath thinking about how wild this whole experience was. I never would have thought I would have done something like this, I've had one guys sperm in my pussy, another guy's in my stomach, and another all over my tits. I wiped the cum off of my tits, got dressed, and headed out of the room. I met up with my husband outside at the pool. I had been lying on a lawn chair for about 15 minutes sunbathing before seeing him. There were many people sunbathing naked, but I wore a bikini. There were two lesbians having sex in the hot tub. One had long red hair; the other had short brown hair. The brunette was leaning over the edge getting eaten out. When my husband saw me he came running up. He told me he had just had sex with three beautiful blondes. I smiled, and told him I had had sex with three men. He lay down on the lawn chair next to mine. In the chairs next to him was a young couple, probably a couple of years younger than we were. The woman had long blonde hair and a killer body. She had D cup tits. Her husband was a nice looking man. They started talking to us, and we told them that this was our first day. My husband started flirting with the woman, who's name was Laura. She was running her hand up and down my husband's leg. After a minute or two Laura took my husbands hand and had him go with her to the now empty hot tub. My husband started to squeeze Laura's breasts. He removed her bikini top and was licking her nipples. Laura's husband started to rub my leg. He moved his hand up to my pussy, and removed my bikini bottom. He stood up and I knelt down on the lawn chair. He slipped his dick into my pussy and started to fuck me doggy style. I kept my eyes on my husband. It bothered me to see my husband having sex with another woman. Him and Laura were both standing, but Laura was leaning against the wall. My husband was fucking her hard, and looked like he was enjoying it quite a bit. I felt the dick of Laura's husband pounding my pussy. It forced me to slip out a few moans. I saw that my husband was about to orgasm. I watched as he pulled his dick out of Laura's pussy, and nutted all over Laura's ass. He slapped and grabbed her ass as he released on it. Laura turned around began kissing my husband's chest. She then got down and stroked his cock a few times to get it hard again. Laura's husband increased the pace of his fucking. He gave out a grunt and I knew that he was cumming inside of me. Once my husband's cock was hard Laura got up next to him and bent down, holding her ass open. I could see that my husband knew exactly what she wanted. He stuck a couple of fingers into his mouth, and he used them to open up Laura's asshole. When he felt her hole was ready he stuck his cock into Laura's ass. He began to pump his hips, and I watched as his dick went in and out rapidly. Laura began to scream in pleasure. I watched as Laura had an orgasm, and a short time later I could see my husband was cumming again. He let it all out inside of her ass. I didn't see my husband again until the evening when I met with him at home. The rest of the day I had sex twice. The first time was with 3 lesbians. The second was with a man. When my husband got home he began telling me about all the different girls that he had sex with that day. As he went on telling details about each encounter I began to feel more and more uncomfortable. The next morning I asked my husband if he was sure he wanted us to stay in this club. His answer was a definite yes. I told him that I was beginning to feel uncomfortable. He told me to come for one more day, and if I still wanted us to quit we would tell Mr. Hamilton. When we got to the club we saw Mr. Hamilton walking toward us down the hallway. He told us that we should head downstairs to the "chamber." He had someone escort us down there. When we got down there was a massive orgy going on. My husband stripped down and headed off excitedly. I was in the orgy for about 2 and a half hours. I had sex with many people. A lot of the time I wouldn't even see the face of the person who I was having sex with. At one point I was being fucked up the ass. When the man came I recognized the grunt. I turned around to confirm my suspicion and I was right. I was being ass-fucked by my husband. I didn't say anything; I just turned around and moved on to the next fuck. My husband never knew that it was me he had ass-fucked. When I left the orgy I still had a bad feeling in my stomach, and it wasn't all of the cum I had swallowed. I had trouble settling with the thought of my husband fucking all of these strange women. I decided to leave the club. I spent the rest of the day at home thinking. When my husband came home I told him that I wanted us to quit. He seemed disturbed by even the thought of quitting. He avoided us talking about it and went to sleep. The next day I went to the club by myself, even before my husband woke up. I went to Mr. Hamilton's office. "Mrs. Marshall, it's so good to see you here. Did you enjoy yourself yesterday?" he asked. "Mr. Hamilton, I want out. I can't stand the idea of my husband having sex with other women. At first it was exciting, but now I can't take it anymore." "I take it you didn't read the contract, Mrs. Marshall? You can't just quit. Mrs. Marshall, this is a very exclusive club. It's also a very secret one. You can see why we wouldn't be able to take any chances here can't you. Unfortunately, for you at least, when you signed that contract you legally gave us all of you possessions." "You can't do this! I'll take you to court!" I responded furiously. "If you're so sure you can beat us, Mrs. Marshall, please try." I left his office in a hurry I noticed that my husband was walking down the hallway. I decided to follow him to see what he was doing. He went up into the fantasy room. The way that this room works is you tell what you want to try, and someone else helps you to fulfill it. This room is used more than twice as much by men then it is by women, so if you're a man after you fulfill your fantasy, you have to fulfill the fantasy of someone else. He put down that he wanted to be tied up by an executioner. I decided to play the executioner. This way he wouldn't be having sex with any other women, and I got to find out whether I still mean enough to him for him to recognize me. When I went into the room the only light was by dim candles. I wore black hood that covered my face. Eyeholes were cut out so that I could see. I also wore a full body robe, with nothing underneath. My husband was naked, and chained to the wall. His dick was fully erect. I got into the role. I told him that the only way I would spare him was if he gave me his body. I took off my robe, and I rubbed my body up against his. I stroked his cock. I then got down onto my knees. I lifted the hood up far enough to make his dick accessible to my mouth. I stuck his cock in my mouth and started sucking. As I bobbed my head I could feel him thrusting his hips as much as he could. He began to thrust faster, fucking my face more rapidly, which told me that he was about to climax. I took his dick out of my mouth, covered my face with my hood, and stood back up not allowing him to orgasm. I leaned over and put my pussy and ass right by his dick, but not allowing them to touch. I played with my tits while he watched. I then fingered myself a little. After that I went over and slid his dick into my pussy. I went back and forth, slowly at first. I made it so his cock was fully in my pussy, allowing his balls to slap me. I fucked him like this. My pussy wrapped around him. I had an orgasm before him. I kept fucking him through my orgasm, until he came inside my pussy. "Thanks," said my husband as I left him there. I knew by his tone of voice he had no idea who he had just fucked. I left the club and got into my car. I drove home to think about what do to about what Mr. Hamilton said. I fell into a deep sleep, and when I woke up my husband wasn't next to me. I began to be upset, because I thought he must have gone to the club early. I decided to go get breakfast, than I would call my lawyer. I got dressed, than I went into the kitchen. When I got into the kitchen I was horrified at what I saw. My husband was lying on the floor in a pool of blood. On the kitchen table was my gun. I called Mr. Hamilton to ask if he knew anything about it. All he said was that I shouldn't have gone against his club, and that I could have been very happy. I knew that the evidence pointed at me. I got in my car and stayed at my sister's house until you boys tracked me down. You see? I couldn't let myself get arrested until I could clear my name, apparently I fucked up and you guys caught me anyway." "Mrs. Marshall, if your story is true, then where is this mysterious sex club?" "I'll show you." There were no charges on Mrs. Marshall. Her story checked out. Mr. Hamilton, and the men who work for him all went to jail for the murder of Mr. Marshall. "Thank you for believing me. You police men are so sexy. How can I ever repay you?" "Well, we can think of one way." Said one of the officers. The two police officers went over and started playing with Mrs. Marshall's tits. She took off her shirt. She then stood up and removed her panties. She still had on a tight black shirt, which was only an inch away from revealing her pussy. She began to suck the cock of one of the police officers. She stroked the base of his cock, while licking the head. As she bobbed her head he put her hands there to guide her. The other police officer came up from behind her. He stuck his dick into her moist pussy. He pounded her pussy in and out, putting it in all the way each time, allowing his balls to slap against her. She started sucking faster and faster, until the cop busted in her mouth. She swallowed all of his sperm. The dick still in her mouth muffled her moans, but the muffled moans were intensifying as she reached orgasm. The cop fucking her busted only seconds later, but pulled out his cock and released onto her asshole. She stuck her fingers back there and using the cops cum as lube she opened up and lubed up her asshole. The cop who just fucked Mrs. Marshall stepped over to where her mouth was. She started sucking him off, which got his cock to jump back to erection. The cop who nutted in her mouth went over to her ass and started to finger her asshole. He also stuck two fingers in her pussy. Leaving the fingers pumping in her pussy he stuck his dick into her lubed up asshole and started to ram it. She cried out in pleasure and pain. He continued to fuck her tight asshole until he came in it. When he pulled his dick out a little semen dripped out. With her asshole being stretched out and her pussy being fingered she started to suck harder. When she saw that the cop she was sucking was about to come she put his dick up to her cheek and let him bust on her face. After putting her shirt back on she thanked the cops for the good fucking and headed on her way. She didn't even bother to wipe the sperm off her face, and one of the cops noticed there was some jizz dripping down her leg.
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