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The Couple

Even in the dim lighting of the club I spotted them almost immediately. I stopped paying attention to the woman I was attempting to dance with and focused my attention. Little did I know that an hour later, I'd have my suspicions confirmed. Initially, I'm wasn't sure what about them caught my attention, but in hindsight there were quite a few reasons why they stood out.
Actually, I wouldn't say that it was any one reason, it was more like a combination of little things that separately would not have meant anything. The first thing that I noticed was that she was taller than him by about five to six inches. The second thing was that she seemed to lead the way across the dance floor. Those two things in themselves are not unusual here in the city. I see it all of the time. What was unusual was that she seemed to be searching for something. Her attention seemed equally divided between him and scanning the dance floor. Or perhaps I had just heard too many stories about couples coming to mostly black clubs looking for a black man to bring into their bedroom. Regardless of any single reason, I came to the conclusion that they were looking for a third.
Satisfied that my conclusions were accurate, I renewed my attempts at getting the attention of a particularly lovely looking white lady that I had been eyeing all night. She was tall, which is a big plus for me because I am 6'5" and she had a nice curvy shape that was exquisitely outlined in the strapless floor-length dress that she was wearing. It was her smile and the little sparkle that appeared in her eyes as she spoke to her friend that got me hooked. She had small perky A-cup breast that I imagine were quite sensitive and I began to ponder just how lucky I could get tonight if I played my cards right.
She and a friend had been doing the wallflower thing most of the night, dancing in place against their own little portion of the wall looking very uncomfortable. They had both been asked to dance several times, but had refused all comers. The Spot is a semi up scale dance club that was popular about 10 years ago. It was a very trendy place to be and there wasn't a night that you could go there and not see 10-15 celebrities. The Spot is still one of the top dance places to go into the city if your looking for funky grooves. It's about 75% black and white people come to listen to the jazz band up stairs or dance to the funky grooves in the basement. While it is not unusual to see interracial couples or dance partners in the club, they are the minority. Mostly it is same race with everybody just grooving to the music.
On the whole, the place is a little too funky for me, but I go there every once in awhile for change in pace. I chose to come her tonight because I was feeling particularly inspired to meet someone. You see I have been single for about a year and a half now. Never married, but a year and half ago I was in a serious long term relationship that almost got me there. I had a brief two month relationship with a woman that I met through tennis shortly after the long term relationship ended, but she wanted more than I was able to give her emotionally at the time. Outside of that I have not been in a serious relationship since. I'm not sure what changed, perhaps it was age, or perhaps it was the new world of online dating that I had discovered, but I went on a dating tear. Mostly it was with women that I had met online, sprinkled in with a few dates the traditional way.
When I first started playing the online dating game, I was courting women all over the country. Most of the responses to my ads seemed to come from women out of state. This was cool at first, but became very frustrating. I met some wonderful women that I could have had an interesting relationship if we were closer. In the end I gave up on the long distance stuff because it was expensive and frustrating, sexually and otherwise. So I just stared looking for local people and put more focus on some of the traditional ways of meeting people. Also I have stopped looking and just focusing on me for now. Work and tennis and hanging out with friends now dominate most of my time. If I meet someone great, if I don't so be it. I still play around online every once in awhile, but only with locals and a couple of good long distance friends.
I had spent earlier today chatting online in a room that I had a reasonable amount of success at meeting people. The room has a string sexual content with the emphasis on white women and black men getting together. I wound up in speaking with this one lady that was local my area. She sent me her picture and I just about fell over myself. Unfortunately our schedules will not allow us to meet for another week. So now I am completely worked up and all on my own. I decided that hanging with the guys was just not an option and that I was going to go out and meet someone. The idea was just to get a number, sex while it would have been welcomed, was not what I was pushing for, particularly in a club environment. I hear about too many incidents of a guy being accused of rape. Sometimes rightly so, other times wrongly so. I'd rather not take the chance. Back on the dance floor I continued to ponder why these two, more specifically the one that I was into, might choose to venture into The Spot. Were they tourist that had walked into more than what they bargained for when they wanted to experience club in the big city? Did they have a thing for black men? Or did they simply come to enjoy the music? I began to think that the last reason one the answer. The friend was a lot quicker to remove herself from the wall once the dance floor got a little more crowded and the beat picked up. She even danced with a few brothers.
While I was eyeing the tall woman, I was being checked out by a short sweet Spanish lady with long hair that ran down to the middle of her back. She stood about 5'3" and I don't have a clue as to what her measurements were, but she had a nice curvy round ass with a narrow waist, ample cleavage with the cutest face. She caught me sizing her up and looked away. I resumed studying my earlier object of affection and couldn't help but glance back at my lovely Spanish honey every once n awhile to see if she was still checking me out.
The one that I was eyeing was still clinging to the wall and shooting down any advances made by anyone, black or white. So I continued to study her, biding my time and hoping for ideal opportunity. As the night went on, she definitely became more comfortable and was edging away from the wall. My Spanish honey had found came waltzing past me with some guy in tow and started dancing right in front of me. She was close really, really close and every one n awhile, I'd feel firm ass rub against my leg. I couldn't tell if it was intentional or accidental, but it felt good and distracted me from the tall woman.
Now that she had my attention, I took a closer look at her and the guy that she was dancing with. It appeared that they new each other and that things were a little on the tense side. They were arguing about something while dancing. He seemed upset with her about something or another and she was ignoring him for the most part and just dancing. After about five minutes he must have said the right thing because she smiled and they started dancing very close and doing a little grinding on the dance floor. Let me tell you, this woman could move her body. He was standing behind her slowly gyrating hips while he pressed his crotch against her ass. She was slightly bent over in front of him moving her hips back and forth at a frantic pace. A quick vision of her riding on top moving those hips back and forth on my cock as she tried to bury me deeper into her while I played with her more than ample breast flashed through my head. The image brought me to instant attention and faded almost as quickly when I realized that she was just using me to make her boyfriend jealous.
So I refocused my attention on the woman that I had been eyeing earlier. She was now away from the wall and dancing a little, but still by herself. The DJ switched up to a reggae groove the woman was transformed. I'm telling that she knew almost every word to every song that the DJ played. So as she got more and more into the music, I began to move in to create an opportunity. In the dimness of the lights I though that I noticed a weeding ring, but was not sure. If she were married that would explain why she had shot so many guys down. I spent the next few minutes trying to get a better look at the ring. In the end I could not decide if it was just ornamental or a wedding ring.
I danced next to her without intruding on her space hoping for a little eye contact. I tried for about 15 minutes and failed on every attempt. In the end I wound up in just steeping up to her and asking if she minded if I joined her. I got shot down just like everybody else. In hindsight conversation first, would probably have been the way to get her dancing with me. But then again, I may have gotten shot down that way also.
I danced a little while longer to help ease the frustration of heading home without a number. Then went on a walkabout to do one last check and see if I found any openings worth trying to create. I was walking past a small bar in the back corner of the basement when I noted the couple again. My earlier suspicions had proven correct. He was standing behind her while he leaned up against the bar. She had her ass pressed against him while she was in the process of speaking with a light skinned black man about 6 inches shorter than me, but more built. She was about the same height as him and was obviously into him as I watched her caress his arm every once in awhile, bat her eyes and play wit her hair. I wasn't sure but from where I was standing it looked like the husband was fingering his wife from behind. As matter of fact I was certain of it. She was moving her hips ever so lightly and he was trying too hard to look casual.
This was too good to just let go. I had read so many stories about this sort of thing online, that I just had to go and do a little fact-finding. I had never noticed this sort of thing before and had always though that most of it was made up. So I went over t the bar and slid right up next to them and ordered a drink. Since I was right next to them now, I could clearly see that he was massaging her pussy from behind as she spoke with this guy. To my surprise I found myself getting very hard.
Keep in mind that while I had read a lot of the stories, I had severe reservations about the idea of being with a couple. The idea of introducing a third party to the marriage bed not something that I have ever understood. As a dominant male, I am not sure that I would ever want to share my woman with someone else and don't understand the motivations of the guys that do. As a result I am highly distrustful of them and would hesitate to ever put myself in that kind of situation. Well there is that and the fact that when I am with a woman, I want to focus on her needs and the idea of having another man present seems to me like it would be distracting. All this does not mean that I believe that it is inappropriate behavior, it just means that that it is not something that I don't believe I would consider if I were married. On the flip side, I have not been married for 10 years and have no idea what I will think or how married life would affect that sort of decision..
So I am at the bar with this raging hard on soaking up every detail of this woman for the first time. She was tall and had very nice curves. A nice face with a decent body that had firm looking b-size breast and legs that went from here to eternity. She was wearing a short tight red dress and judging from the amount of her ass that I could see, I would say that she definitely was not wearing any panties and from the detail that I could see of her nipples through the dress, no bra either.
He was taking a big chance fingering her like that at the bar. While The Spot is a good place for a white woman or couple looking to find a handsome black man willing to sleep with them, it is not the sort of place that would condone him fingering her. If they were caught, they would have been bounced out of there in a minute.
I was so caught up in what I was seeing that I barely heard the bartender ask me what I wanted to drink. While I was ordering the drink, the guy that she was talking to left and I saw her have a little conference with her husband. Then they started to look around onto the dance floor. It looked like hubby was making suggestions and she was shooting them down. Despite my convictions about being with couples, I found myself standing a little taller and doing a little posturing.
If she noticed me, I didn't see it and two minutes later she headed off onto the dance floor. I don't know what happened, perhaps the little head decided that it was going to take control of the situation before I screwed it up with big head because in the next instant I as asking hubby for a pen. He didn't have one and neither did the bartender, but I found one over at the coat check. Little head still in control I started to pull out a business card and write down my cell number, but the big head took control for a minute and had me write it on a cocktail napkin instead.
I walked back over to him and said, "If you don't have any luck here, this is my cell phone number, give me a call." He looked up at me with a startled "how did you know" expression on his face and started to mumble something about sticking around a minute and waiting for her to come back. At that precise moment the big head had regained control and I said that I had to go and meet someone. He started to protest, but I told him that I had to go, but call me if they were interested. The big head then told my feet to get the hell out of dodge.
Outside I headed for the subway that would take me home. As I was descending the steps, my little head took control and said what if he calls while we are in the subway? My big head thinking that he was not going to call, agreed to go and get some pizza. After the pizza, my little head suggested that we go back to the club. The big head thinking that they were well into their groove with someone by now agreed.
So I go back to the club and head to the bar and there they were. She was still looking around and when I walked up to them. Hubby recognized me in an instant and quick to introduce himself and her. He was Hank and she was Liz, they were visiting from just across the bridge and looking for some adventure. She looked me up and down and I guessed I passed because when I asked her to dance she told me t lead on. I started to pull her deep into the dance floor, but apparently she wanted him to get a good view of us together. So we wound up and dancing right in front of him at the bar.
I took it slow at first, keeping a certain amount of separation between us. Something about their behavior told me that this was their first time doing this. She didn't say much while we were dancing, she just kind of smiled at me and as she became more comfortable with me I moved in a little closer. I was extremely nervous, my raging hard on had long since disappeared and the big had had taken over. However the big head that took over was the curious one, not the logical.
Her eyes were half closed now as we moved back and forth to the beat, our pelvises brushing against each other ever so slightly every once in awhile. Naturally I moved in closer to find out more. While I was soaking up every detail of the situation from her reactions, to his, to the people around us, I started enjoying myself. After all she was a very attractive woman and she felt heavenly.
A panic attack hit when she started to take matters into her own hands. Apparently I was succeeding at getting her going. She had backed into hubby and was grinding against him. At the same time she was beginning to search for my cock and I was becoming self-conscious of the people around us. So the little head said that there was no way that he was coming out in here. Then I went into even more panic when I realized that she was not gong to find what she was looking for because the little head had decided to beat a hasty retreat.
She turned around to whisper to hubby and put my hand on her pelvis. Mentally forcing the people looking at us and whispering out of my mind I began to get into the sensation of rubbing the place where my hard on would be back and forth against her ass. Slowly the little head started to make his presence known. She felt it also and started to move her sweet ass up and down. At that point I decided to suggest leaving the club. I gave them a moment of privacy to confer and the agreed.
Outside we reintroduced ourselves and made some small talk now that the music was no longer pounding away. As it turned out they weren't married. Hank was Liz's boyfriend and they came across the bridge into the City to try and fulfill a fantasy of hers, well actually theirs. The fantasy involved her finding a handsome young black man to fuck her silly and he wanted to see her get a good fucking. Unfortunately they were new at this and did not plan things very well, I'll go into that a little later on.
She was between the two of us with her back to me while he was facing me. I was considerably more comfortable now that we were no longer in the club and had a reasonable amount of privacy in the shadows of the building that were standing in front of. I started running my hand across Liz's ass. It was firm and slightly round. I edged my hand down to the smooth flesh of her left leg, her skin was silky smooth. She responded by slowly starting to move her ass back and forth. I slowly began to move my hand back up her inside of her leg until my hand came in contact with her pussy. My earlier assumptions were correct, she wasn't wearing any panties and she was sopping wet. Liz let out a soft moan and spread her legs a little more to give me better access. I gently played with the lips of her pussy getting my fingers nice and wet from her wetness. Liz was so incredibly wet and I was amazed that juices weren't running down her leg. Now with my fingers good and wet I spread her lips and shallow penetrated her pussy. She was warm and moist-no moist is the wrong word-she was sopping wet inside. One thing that I love is a pussy that is super wet. I love how silky smooth the folds of a woman's pussy gets when it is really wet. I was in heaven as her juices covered my hand and as I enjoyed the softness of Liz's pussy.
Meanwhile Hank and I were trying to have a conversation. "So how did you know to give me your number back there?" he asked.
"Your actions were kind of obvious. I have read a lot of stuff on the net about what you all were doing. So what are you looking for?"
"Someone to give Liz a good hard fucking."
"Cool", I said. "So are you straight 8 or bi?"
"Straight, you?"
"Straight as an arrow and no desire to change." I replied and then asked. "So are you looking for some big black buck to use you girlfriend like slut or you looking for a person to ad a little twist to your sex lives?"
"We are just looking for some fun. Liz has only been with two men in her life and we though that this would be a good way to experiment. You sure your straight 8 because I am not into men? Also are you clean?"
"Neither am I, so you don't have to worry at all about that. And yes I am clean. I don't do drugs and don't date anyone who does. I have a healthy concern about catching anything. Never had a disease and don't intend to get any. " From the way that Liz was rotating around on my hand I knew that she was ready to feel me inside of her. This lady was hot and the little head was in complete charge now. She had reached around behind her and was starting to massage the bulge of my cock through my shorts. By this point I was feeling reasonably comfortable with them.
Hank was considerably smaller than me and a nice enough guy, so I wasn't worried about any sort of physical violence from him. She was sexy and personable and if what she was saying about having only been with two men was true, I wasn't worried about her. I removed my hand from her pussy and sniffed my fingers. Her pussy juices smelled sweet and clean. I put my hand on her hip and moved it slowly up her body to her left breast and slowly started caressing it. I have big hands and was easily able to cup her entire breast and rotate my thumb in a circular motion across the surface of her breast, slowly looking for her nipple. I found her rock hard nipple with only a few rotations of my thumb. It was rock hard through the fabric of her dress. It was very big width wise, but it was long and very sensitive. Wanting to feel my skin on her nipple Liz pulled her left breast out from her dress. I couldn't see it from where I was positioned behind her, but I could feel it. Smooth skin with a small areola that had a long skinny nipple in the middle. Unable to resist I gave her nipple a soft tug and with a little twist.
She gasped in pleasure. I could not believe that this whole thing was happening the way I had read about in so many stories on the net. It was kind of like an out of body experience. Hank was just standing there looking at her with an incredible amount of lust in his eyes. There relationship seemed pretty solid and it appeared that this was something that they both wanted, not a matter of him forcing her to do something that she didn't want to do. He didn't seem the jealous type so I was actually beginning to feel very good about the whole situation. Besides I really wanted to bury my cock in that sopping wet pussy of hers.
I moved my hand back down to Liz's wet pussy to continue enjoying her wetness "So how old are you? Are you married?" asked Liz.
"31 and very single." I had the good sense not to ask her how old she was, even though I was kind of curious. If I had to venture a guess, I would have said that she was about 35 maybe 38 and he was about 40. So rather than get those confirmed I asked, "So do you all have a hotel room here in the city?"
Hank replied "No, we just thought that we could go to the car and have some fun there." That idea really did not appeal to me at all. The City was a crowed place and there is almost no place in it that there isn't some sort of traffic or residential building with a billion windows.
Not liking the idea of doing this in a car I said, "We could always go back to my place." The look in Hank's eyes told me that was out of the question. So little head thoroughly in charge now I asked, "Where is your car parked?"
"Shit! I don't remember where we parked! Do you honey?" Liz with eyes half closed in pleasure from the slow massage that I was giving her wet pussy shook her head no.
"Well that could be a problem then." I couldn't believe this. How can you come to the City and not remember where you parked? These people really did not think this thing through. "So did you park on an avenue or s street? Was it a one or two way street?"
"I don't remember? Do you honey?"
"We didn't walk that far to get here"
"What kind of car do you have Hank?"
"A Taurus, Ford Taurus"
Well at least it wasn't one of those small foreign cars. "Like the one over there?" I said pointing to a car that was about 20 feet away.
"No, mine is older and has a dent. This way I think."
So off we headed in sort of a loose formation with Liz between Hank and myself, me trailing slightly behind the two of them. She wasn't real clingy and I made little effort to walk real close to her. I figured that this was their fantasy and that I'd let them set the rules. Actually it was kind of nice watching her walk down the street. She had a sexy walk and the short clingy red dress that she was wearing fit her nicely. As we continued to walk, I began to fantasize less about the fantastic woman in front of me and more about where we could go park in the city that would offer a reasonable amount of privacy. Something told me that Hank wasn't going to have a clue. I was running through the different parts of town in my head when Hank exclaimed with glee, "There it is!"
Hank whipped out his keys and opened the passenger door and then the rear passenger door. He then ran around the car and opened the driver side rear door. I guess that he was lost in his own excitement of the events to follow, because he was not thinking. There was no way that we were doing anything on this street. So I went to help Liz into the front seat and Hank seem to get the idea and said, "Wait Honey, get in the back with Rich and I'll drive."
"Good idea Hank" I said with a smile. I closed the front door and helped Liz into the back seat and then slid in next to her.
Hank started the car and then sat there. "So where do we go?"
"We are going to go to the upper East side, there are some dead end streets up there that won't have a lot of traffic, pedestrian or otherwise. Actually there are a few streets up there that have schools at the end of them and if we can find parking, we'll be styling. So head over to First Avenue, make a left and head uptown until we get to the 70's. We should find someplace there."
Liz then leaned forward to Hank and started nibbling on his ear and ran her hand across his chest. I just sat there and watched the two of them interact for a moment. Now that some of my initial excitement had worn down a bit, I was again cautious. Hank sat for a moment enjoying Liz's attentions and then put the car in gear and pulled out from the parking space.
Liz I guess reassured that everything was still cool with Hank, leaned back and looked into my eyes with raging lust. Looking into her eyes I pulled her close to me and started caressing her lips with my own. I have large full lips that easily glided over her own smaller lips. Her lips was soft and smooth. Her mouth parted slightly and I began using the tip of my tongue to slowly trace the curve of her upper lip, then her lower lip. Her tiny tongue came out to meet my own. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Hank adjusting the rearview mirror so that he could get a good glimpse of the action. Our tongues danced a little dance, both our mouths slightly parted. I began caressing her left leg with my right hand, enjoying the sexual charge that raced through my finger tips as they raced over her skin. I could feel her body moving slowly beneath my hand. I slid my hand down between her legs and resumed playing with her pussy.
I started a slow gentle search for her clit. Moving my fingers slowly around the top of her pussy searching for the shaft of her clit. I found it and a few seconds and moved it back and forth across her pubic bone. She let out a gasp and screamed "Oh God! Yes!" Having found what I was looking for I continued to play with the shaft of her clit, through the upper folds of her pussy. I hadn't gone near the head yet, I wanted to continue to tease her.
Hank was doing a great job of driving and watching the action in the rearview mirror, although I was a little concerned about his ability to avid an accident, but the streets were relatively empty and we only had one close call. He was kind of being a pain because every five minutes he would ask, "Is here okay?" when we were no where near where we needed to be. I can't blame him though. Liz was hot and the way that I was massaging her pussy had her moaning quite loudly now.
I wanted to feel what Liz's pussy felt like inside. So I slid my middle finger down over the top of her clit and buried it to the hilt inside her warm wet pussy. She was so incredibly wet and I could feel the muscles of her pussy walls quivering. I hooked my finger a little and started probing top of her pussy against her pelvis looking for that patch of slightly rough skin that indicated her g-spot. It took me about a minute to find it. I would have found it sooner but Liz was gyrating her hips on my hand, mashing her clit against my open palm. It took all my strength to keep my hand in her when I hit her spot and applied pressure and started rubbing that area vigorously. I felt a rush of juices wash down my finger and into my palm as she scream "I'mmmm cummmmming!" Hank was caught so off guard y the sounds of Liz cumming that he almost hit the fucking bus that had come to sudden stop in front of us. The sounds of my hand moving vigorously in and out of Liz's pussy continued to echo throughout the car. I was thoroughly enjoying myself and could care less who saw what was going on as we slipped past the relatively empty bus.
"Next light make a right Hank." as I withdrew my hand from Liz's pussy. It was sopping wet. I took my still wet finger and slipped it in her mouth and watched her bob her head up and down on my finger imagining that it was my cock. Hank was one lucky guy. Fortunately we were coming up on the street that I thought would be ideal for us to get down to some fucking.
Liz and I sat up and retreated to opposite sides of the car as we surveyed the side street that we were pulling into. This side street had relatively well lit and had a few residential buildings. I was happy for the lights because I wanted to see the action and I am more than certain Hank wanted to also. Despite having only a few residential buildings on the block, it was still crammed with parked cars though, but it looked like there was a parking space down at the end in front of a parked limousine. So Hank headed over that way and parked right I front of the limo. As we passed the limo I noticed that the drive was behind the wheel reading a book.
"This good for you?" asked Hank.
"My only concern is the limo behind us with the driver in it." "Does it bother you Honey?" "No, not at all" Liz said with eyes half closed while leaning against the far door legs slightly spread, gently stroking her pussy. "Guess the limo driver gets a little live entertainment then." I said. "Let's just hope he is not prudish and calls the cops." Hank hopped out of the car and slid into the back seat. He then moved the seats as far forward as they would go and the stage was set. Liz removed her dress and was naked before us, kind of half squatting between us like she was peeing in the woods. Seeing a woman completely nude is always a breathtaking experience for me and this was no exception. Her breast has a lovely teardrop shape with pink nipples that were longer than pencil erasers. Her legs were spread and it gave me my first good look at her pussy. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed along her bikini line and shaved clean down by her lips. her lips were slightly open still from my earlier fingering and they glistened in the streetlights from her wetness. "Liz, you are one sexy lady. Hank you are definitely a very lucky man." Liz bent forward and kissed Hank passionately on the lips. I sat back and watched for a minute contemplating the line that I was in the progress of crossing. I surveyed the area one last time for prying eyes and the reached forward and started playing with her breast. While Liz and Hank were kissing I could see Hank fumbling with his belt and zipper trying to get his cock out. Now I don't believe in the stereotype that all white man have tiny cocks and all black men are hung like horses, but I could not help but laugh mentally when Hank pulled out his cock. He was already hard and he stood about 4"-5" tall and maybe 2"-3" in circumference which from what I understand is the average. Now I am definitely not hung like a horse, but at 7.75" and 5.5" thick I have never had any complaints and Hank just reaffirmed why. The way that I figure it is that I am just big enough to be snug without being so big as to be uncomfortable. Anyway I still don't believe in the stereotyping, but it did seem to go right along with all the other events of the evening. Liz looked Hank in the eyes one last time for reassurance and hank responded by saying, "Go ahead Honey and see how big that cock of his is." Liz needed no further prompting and straddled my legs sitting on my knees. "This going to be okay for you?" she asked. "Not a problem, I have a lovely view of your pussy and love watching the way that your breast sway as you move." I said with a smile. "Good." She smiled back. "Go ahead Honey, take a look at that cock." encouraged Hank as he sat there stroking his own. Liz undid my belt and zipper and then pulled my shorts and underwear down to my ankles. A quick image raced through my head of us being on the cover of the Saturday NEWS with the headline of "Threesome Caught on Upper Eastside" and a picture of me trying to get my shorts back on, Liz trying to cover up and Hank with his tiny dick in his hand. The image was so vivid that it caused my erection to falter a bit. Liz just looked down and stared at it. It was like she was in shock or something. I don't know what the other guy that she had been with was like, but if he was anything like John, then I was an experience for her. It didn't take her long to get over her initial shock and before I knew it she was gently stroking my cock brining it to full hardness again. "Look at that Honey, isn't that great, just what you always wanted, a big cock to fuck you hard." said John. "You sure that your safe?" "Yes I am safe" I replied, "I'm more concerned about the two of you." "Well we are fine, but I still want to use a condom and have one in my bag." said Liz. That was fine by me and said as much. The last thing that I wanted to do was catch some disease from a few moments of pleasure, although it would have been nice to feel her juices running down the length of my cock and onto my balls. "Look at all that cum Honey." said Hank. Liz mumbled something that sounded like an agreement and used her finger to play with the drop of pre-cum that was on the head. As Liz continued to stroke my cock and milk pre-cum from it she seemed to become more obsessed with it. It was like Hank and I weren't even in the car. Anything that we said to her she mumbled her reply like she was in some sort of trance. At first I was concerned that she was forcing herself to do something that she did not want to do, but her body language was all wrong. In fact she was becoming more aggressive and was inching that pussy of hers closer and closer. Liz asked for Hank reached into the front seat and pulled one from her purse. My cock was rock hard now and ready to be engulfed by that sweet pussy of hers. Hank handed the condom to me and I unwrapped in and began to put it on. The damn thing was too small. It started to cut off circulation to my cock, which would not have been a problem except for right at that moment a couple decided to exit one of the buildings right next to the car. This made me so incredibly hard which made it even harder to get the condom on. Unable to get the condom on any further, Liz pulled it off and began stroking me with her had. She got off my lap and positioned herself so that she could get her mouth near my cock while Hank began to pay with her pussy. Her lips were so soft my cock and her mouth so warm and moist. It was so exciting watching her head bob up and down on my cock. I began to fondle her nipples again, I just loved playing with her breast, although the sensations that she was delivering with her mouth had me on the edge of a huge orgasm. Apparently between my cock in her mouth and Hank doing something right back there with his hands because all of a sudden she started moaning which sent vibrations of pleasure up and down my cock causing my body to stiffen as the beginnings of my orgasm began to wash over me. Sensing this, Liz increased her pace until which caused me to explode in her mouth. She continued sucking, milking each and every drop until there was nothing left inside of me. Liz put her head on my lap and gently caress my now deflated cock with her tongue. Watching her do this brought me to immediate hardness again. I said, "Do you have another condom?" "No that was the only one. You don' have any on you?" asked Hank "Nope, I wasn't looking to score tonight, just get a phone number or two." "Honey do you want to try without a condom?" Liz said that it was not safe and that is was getting late as she sat back against the front seat and continued stroking her pussy. She did have a point on both accounts. It was 4:30 AM and I had to be up at 7. "Well come over here Honey" said Hank. Liz rose up and straddled Hank and guided him into her juicy pussy. Liz started to bounce up and down on Hank's lap. I watched her breast jiggle from her motion. The smacking of flesh on flesh echoed throughout the car. the condom now gone, I cold feel myself getting hard again. This woman could ride a cock. Hank was a lucky guy. I leaned around so that I could et a good view of him entering her, this was the closest that I had ever been to another couple having sex. I watched for a minute as his cock disappeared in and out of her creamy pussy. His cock was slick with her juices and I could see that his balls were getting covered also. At that point I had enough of that view. Seeing on film is one thing, being that close was another thing altogether. So I sat back and stroked myself while I watched her ride him. The car was full of the smell of their sex and my cock was fully erect and dying for some attention. Hank noticed this and said, "Look Honey, look how hard he is. Do you want to feel him in you?" Liz mumbled something about yes, but she was gone, in her own little pleasure palace. I watched her body quiver and shake as she rode Hank, it was amazing. Liz looked over my way and reached out for my cock and began to stroke it. She got off of Hank and straddle my legs again, her pussy inches away from my now throbbing cock. I wanted to feel that pussy engulf me so badly, but restrained. "Look at all that cum Honey." said Hank again for the 20th time. I wanted to reach out and strangle him. It was pre-cum not cum and I was getting tired of hearing him say it, but I held my tongue because after all it was their little fantasy and he didn't seem like the cuckhold type and the last thing that I wanted was a fight. "Do you want it in you Honey? Do you want to feel that big cock inside of you?" asked Hank followed by some more mumbling from Liz about how she wants it, but that it was too dangerous. "Well just hold the head up near your pussy Honey and let me see it, but be careful of all that cum." So Liz grabs my cock and brings it about a half inch away from her pussy. Hank says, "why don't you put just the head in Honey, just do it quickly so that you can feel it, you want it don't you?" Which is again followed by Liz mumbling something about yes and then too dangerous. I wasn't saying much at this point, for two reasons. The first is that while I really wanted to sample her pussy, I wasn't thrilled about the concept of having sex with her without a condom. So on one hand I was hoping that he would convince her and on the other I was glad that she was holding her ground despite how bad she wanted it, because at this point I was not sure that I was going to be able to hold mine. They went round and round with that for another 15 minutes before we all agreed that it was getting too late and that we needed to get going. So I played with her pussy a little more before she hopped on Hank's lap. She was starting to get dry, so him and rode him hard and fast. I just sat and watched. I didn't want pop again unless I was getting some. She really was amazing to see. After about 2 minutes of pumping Hank asked Liz, "You want it inside or out Honey?" I couldn't understand what her reply was but apparently Hank did because he pulled out and shot a load up between her ass cheeks. Most of it landed on the back of the driver's seat though. While we were starting to get dressed I began to think of the best way for me to get back home. Hank asked "Can we drop you off?" "Sure, actually it's on your way." I replied. Hank got on the driver's seat and started the car while Liz stayed in back with me and finished getting herself back in order. The drive up to my place was relatively short and the three of us made idle chit chat along the way. We were about 4 blocks from my apartment when Liz said, "I'm wet again." "No way." "Yes way, here feel." and she shifted her hips towards me and spread her legs. I reached forward and felt the soft wet flesh of her pussy lips. Moistening my finger on her lips I slowly caressed her clit and then slipped my finger deep in her hole. She was absolutely sopping wet. That was it, I had to have her. I needed to feel that pussy pulsating on my cock. "We are right near my place, why don't w all stop up for a bit and do this right. I have condoms at home and you guys can make your fantasy complete." "It's your choice Honey, what do you think?" "Its kind of late, but I really want to feel that cock inside of me." said Liz. "Its just way too late." We were coming up on my block and I really wanted to sample that pussy and was using every trick that I knew to bring her to the brink. Unfortunately I there was just not enough time left in the day. "Well here is my cell number if you guys ever decide that you want to do this again. I'll bring the condoms next time." They laughed and Hank said, "Thanks for a great evening and for being a real gentleman. We'll be in contact." We were in front of my apartment and I said thanks for the evening and bid them a safe journey. That was two weeks ago. I have not heard from them since, not sure that I ever will, but it was definitely an interesting experience. I'm not sure that I will ever do something like that again, but if I do, I am going to make damn sure that I have a couple of rubbers in my wallet.
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