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My Wife's Birthday Fantasy

My wife Karen and I have been married for 5 years. We have had a wonderful open relationship and she has always been very loving and understanding. We have had our ups and downs especially in the sex department but she always has been most co-operative as far as being creative in bed. Karen was 21 when we first married. She is a lovely petite girl stands five feet tall and has a well proportioned and curved body. She has red hair, large expressive eyes and full pouty lips that were made just for sucking cock. She always takes care of her figure by working out regularly at the gym. Karen has breasts a little too large for her body and would easily fill out a 38 C bra. She has a very flat abdomen and a nice rounded and fleshy ass. I have fallen in love with her ass since the day I first saw it. She has nice shapely legs and very healthy looking milky white skin which she often takes care of with frequent full body massages. She has her very own massage therapist. A handsome Black guy Kevin who she claims is great with his hands. I tend to believe her as she is always completely relaxed after her usual Saturday massages. She works out at the Gym about thrice a week. This keeps her body in perfect shape and my friends envy me for her body. She has her very own personal trainer Paul. She is always talking about Paul and how dark handsome and muscular he is and what a wonderful body he has. Needless to say, Karen has this attraction to well built Black men that kind of makes me envious at times. Karen has been very supportive through our marriage especially sexually being open to listen and participate in my fantasies. We have played School girl and teacher, nurse patient and a host of other role play games and Karen always did something for my cock that I have never experienced before. We have a few dirty movies and a few toys and we always put them to good use. Karen has recently developed a liking for being fucked in the rear and found it add a new dimension to our love making. We have always been open in our relationship and always told each other our most personal longings. However last week I was a little surprised at what she told me. We were watching this adult movie lying down in bed. I had just bought the movie. Karen was naked from the waist up and was nestled cozily in my arms against the pillows. My left hand around her back playing with her left nipple. This movie happened to be about an inter racial threesome. The blond girl was sandwiched between these two black men. When she took them in her mouth one by one Karen noticed how long and thick their cocks were. And when they each penetrated her vagina only 60 percent of their cocks would enter her body before bottoming out against her cervix. This caused her great painful pleasure as you could see from the expression on her face. Is it true that Black men have Ten inch cocks as you see in the movies she asked me naively? Well, I said, since they are in movies the size is probably exaggerated. But yes Black men would probably measure out at nine or ten inches at least. Ooooooh she went when I said this. It was as if she was imagining that she was the girl in the movie. We always imagined ourselves to be the actors in the movie and we enjoyed it that way. The next day when I came home at lunch time, I found Karen watching the same movie again. I was kind of surprised when she chose the same movie again that night. We watched the movie every night before I realized that the thought of the ten inch cock was sending her wild. She would repeatedly re-wind the part when both guys entered the blond girl and she would shudder every time she saw that happen. I must admit that I am an average guy with a five and a half inch long penis when erect. Karen has never complained or ever made me feel inadequate in any way. I sincerely wish I had a ten inch cock and I am sure that would make Karen very happy. Talking about ten inch cocks, I suddenly had an idea. Karen's birthday would be coming up next Saturday and I knew just the perfect present for her. The next day, I called up Kevin, Karen's masseuse and told him that Karen would not be coming this Saturday since it was her birthday. But if he could do a house visit for the massage that would be appreciated. He asked me if I had a massage table. I told him I did not . But was wondering if a sturdy Ironing board would do. I have used an ironing board before and it would do just fine Kevin said. He also asked me to have some massage oil handy and ready with plenty of towels. I told him that I was expecting him at 5 sharp. Next I called Paul at the Gym and asked if he would like to come to Karen's Birthday. He gladly accepted and promised to be there at five thirty on Saturday. I was going to video tape this whole thing. So I set up my video in the bedroom behind some books so Karen could not see it. I told Karen we would be expecting company at seven that evening but did not tell her who would be there. Even at four that evening Karen did not suspect anything. She did not even ask why the ironing board was in the middle of the room. She had her shower as usual and put on a white pleated mini skirt with a wide hem. She then pulled on a pair of thong panties and a red sweater. She did not wear a bra sometimes and this was one of those occasions. Since it was Saturday I told her she had missed her Saturday morning massages. She said since it was her birthday she wanted to spend the whole day with me. Well it was almost five now and I said to Karen since we still had two hours to spare before the guests arrived, I could give her a massage at home. I don't know if she was real excited since she preferred Kevin, but she finally agreed. I led her to the bedroom and asked her to get up on the ironing table (We have a stable one with wide legs) Obviously the ironing board was a little short for her body length. Her head lay on the narrow conical side of the board with her breasts handing on each side of the conical part. And her neck and head just off the board. Her legs would also not fit on the ironing board so she had to straddle the board as if she was riding a bike. I lifted Karen's skirt up to expose her ass cheeks then slid off the thongs . Then I lifted her sweater to expose her breasts that hung voluptioulsy on each side of the ironing board. She asked me if I could put on her favorite Inter racial sex movie as she was getting her massage. I readily rolled the TV/VCR cart in front of her and got the movie going. Just then I heard Kevin's car drive in and I told Karen to continue watching. And that I would be back in a moment. I quietly let Kevin in. He was wearing gray sweat pants and a sweat shirt. He had just shaved, (He usually shaves his head also) I shook hands with him. He asked me if everything was ready. I told him it was. I led him to the bedroom And Karen's eyes nearly popped out of her head. I brought a covered tray that I had prepared for Kevin with the massage oil and lotion. I had also placed beside the oil an assortment of vibrators and dildos as a hint to Kevin. I whispered to Kevin that since it was Karen's birthday, she should get nothing but the best. I also indicated that he could use any or all of the dildos that were available if he needed them. I wanted the massage to be very thorough externally and internally and the use of his personal resources in addition to the vibrators would be welcomed. Kevin began immediately pouring some oil on Karen's back and then moving in slow circles around her shoulder blades. I could see the faint outline of Kevin's cock through the material of his sweats and I was sure he wore no underwear. From what I could see through the video lens, I was sure Karen would get the ten inches she hoped for before this day was over. (Not that I had wondered if she was getting fucked anyway during her Saturday morning massages) As Karen was being massaged I went down and brought up the Birthday cake that I laid on a low table in front of Karen's face. Now I was sure she would have no trouble blowing out the candles from that position. Just then, the door bell rang and I guessed that must be Paul. I let him in. He was wearing loose fitting sport shorts and a sleeveless tee shirt. His arms muscular and bulging. I led him up to the bedroom and his jaw dropped when he saw Karen in that position. She is getting her Birthday massage I explained. And Kevin was her personal masseuse so he was invited. And since you are her personal trainer, you get to give her a very special birthday workout. We lighted the candles and all sang Happy Birthday after which Karen blew out the candles from where she was lying on the ironing table. Paul reached under the hem of his shorts. Turning it over he produced the biggest and thickest cock I had ever seen. The head was large and pink and looked devastating against the dark brown veined shaft that was at least ten inches long. He dipped the tip of his cock in the icing and placed it in front of Karen's lips. Karen looked at me as if for approval. I replied with an approving nod. I cut out another wedge of the cake for Kevin Kevin, cake is served I said As I placed the wedge of cake between Karen's thighs at the point where they met. Kevin immediately began to eat his cake, and Karen began to eat hers as she took Paul in her small feeble hands putting the tip of his cock between her lips. Kevin had also finished his cake except for the icing. He now had a dildo and was applying the icing between Karen' ass cheeks and on her pussy. With the deft fingers of an experienced masseuse he reached Karen between her thighs and opened her up. Dipping his brown finger deep into her while licking the icing from between her cheeks. Paul meanwhile was thrusting his cock into Karen's mouth and she almost gagged even when not even half was in her mouth. I checked on the video to make sure it was recording. Through the lens I saw that Kevin had begun by taking a small vibrator and beginning to circle it around Karen's ass hole. Karen let out a painful sound when Kevin inserted it slowly into her. Her sound was muffled since Paul had his cock deep into her mouth which she was sucking on frantically. I dipped my hands in a generous amount of massage oil and reached under Karen. Cupping her generous breasts between the palms of my hands I began rotating them firmly. Kevin had his finger in my wife's cunt now and was moving it in and out in slow deliberate motions. After about thirty minutes into Karen's work out, I decided it was time to get serious. I had brought a large stuffed cushioned armchair and I invited Paul to sit down. I adjusted the camera lens and focused it on Paul's cock. I finally had Karen get off the Ironing board which she did kind of reluctantly. Then I positioned her on the arm chair facing Paul. Her legs on two sides of him. Paul and Karen locked their arms in a strong embrace, Her tits squeezed hard against his muscular chest, while his cock probed to locate the entrance to my wife's cunt. Paul's cock finally found it's mark and began to enter her AAAAAAHHhhhh AAAAAAHhhhhhhh Karen cried as Paul's cock went in stretching Karen painfully. I zoomed on Karen's cunt and did a few close-ups of Paul's black cock going in and out of my wife's milky white cunt which was stretched to obscene and painful limits. Kevin now joined in as he knelt behind Karen directing his rod to the entrance to her ass. Kevin reached in front of Karen and squeezed on her nipples as he began to enter her lovely lubricated ass hole. Aiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee Karen screamed as the pain turned to a most delicious sensation. Paul covered Karen's mouth with his lips sucking on her tongue deeply. They stayed in that position for a few minutes to allow me to adjust my camera to focus on Karen's ass and cunt. Then the work out began in earnest. Paul began by holding Karen's hips and moving them up and down on his cock. Kevin came in on the down stroke poking firmly into my wife's ass. They developed a slow and steady rhythm. It was almost as if they had practiced. The way they entered her in unison. Then they became more forceful. AAAAAAhhhhh AAAAAAAhhhhh Karen went as the two cocks entered her deeply. Then the motion got faster and more urgent. Karen was sweating profusely now from the onslaught of the two black men pile driving into her holes. The rhythm got faster but was in excellent time as they moved out and then in in a forceful down stroke. Karen let out a gasp with a painful AAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhh on each down stroke due to the complete and utter invasion of her pelvic orifices. Each painful stroke was followed by waves of pleasure over her whole pelvic area. Karen looked towards me and beckoned for me to come to her. When I got to her, she took my now throbbing prick between her warm lips and began sucking me off frantically. I could tell that she was reaching a thunderous climax. Her lips tightened around my cock as she went through a series of multiple orgasms. MMMmmmmmmmmmm AAAAhhhhhh OOOooooohhhhhhhhhh Karen cried as she her fluids started streaming down her thighs and onto the two black cocks making them glisten. And still Kevin and Paul continued to pound into my wife without missing a beat. My cock throbbed in Karen's mouth and finally I creamed her face with a great load of cum. Karen sucked me off and licked every drop of cream from my cock and balls. I wiped the cream off Karen's face and had her suck my fingers and drink all the cum juice she always enjoyed. I knew Karen had cum as many times as she thought she could, but still Kevin and Paul continued with their pounding. After another fifteen minutes, just as I was thinking they would never stop, Kevin came soon followed by Paul flooding Karen's genitals with cum. Karen had had more than enough of two ten inch cocks pounding into her. After the party, I noticed that Karen was in pain. She could not even walk straight for a few days. She does not crave Black cock any more. I had a penis enhancement done and now I am eight inches long. For some strange reason, she stopped going to Kevin for the Saturday massages, and she picked a different Gym to go to as well. I was finally happy that it turned out this way even though un-planned. We still enjoy watching the video and Karen still likes me poking her in her bum. Since my cock is much larger now, I can go into Karen's bum with her lying on her stomach and a couple of pillows under her hips while her eyes are glued to the TV watching herself in that impossible fantasy.
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