Bisexual Pool Party Ch. 2 (Swingers Stories, Adult Stories, Erotic , Thresomes, BDSM, Wife Swapping Stories ,Sexy Stories).
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Bisexual Pool Party Ch. 2

I asked what was so funny and Linda told me they had planned this for a month. Linda knew I would go for it. They had a bet and I was the prize. I joined in the laughter and hugged my closest two friends. Dave lit a cigarette and passed it me for a drag. We talked some more and decided to go back inside and finish the movie. AS Linda and I towel dried each other off, I asked her if this is what she really wanted. She said, "Nothing has ever made my pussy wetter than watching Dave suck your cock.." "I am looking forward to watching you suck his cock." This last statement made me stop. I never imagined that I would ever suck dick but it was obvious that before the night was over, I would do just that. We all sat on the sofa together and I started the movie. Linda got fresh beers for us, and Dave lit another joint. We all watched the movie and smoked and drank for a couple minutes. I finally got the nerve to reach over and grab Dave-s cock. It feels like mine, I thought. as I stroked my hand up and down his shaft. A drop of pre-cum came to the head and I dabbed at it with my finger. I brought my finger to my lips and tasted his pre-cum. I looked at Linda and she nodded for me to continue. I lowered myself down to the floor and took his cock in my mouth. I swirled my tongue all around the head and tried to swallow as much of the big cock as I could. I gagged and stopped for a minute. "Take your time sweetie" Linda said as she knelt next to me. She took Dave-s cock in her hand and brought the head to her lips. She licked seductively around the head and down the length of the shaft. We shared Dave-s cock and kissed around it. Dave slid further down the sofa so that only his back was on the cushions of the sofa. I turned around so that I could sit under Dave-s ass and balls. I separated the cheeks of his ass and speared my tongue into his ass. Linda went to work sucking Dave-s cock and then switching to mine. I continued my assault on his ass. I was tongue-fucking his asshole and pushing my tongue inside as far as it would go. Linda stood up and straddled Dave-s lap. She lowered her wet pussy onto Dave-s cock. I got my head in and licked wherever I could. I went from ass to cock to ass to pussy. I stood up and kissed Linda full on the lips. She looked at me and said, "I want you in my ass." I took my cock in my hands and guided it towards her puckered little rosebud. I heard her grunt as my cock speared her bowels. She arched back against me as I stroked in and out of her ass. What an amazing feeling to be swallowed by her ass and feel Dave-s cock rubbing against mine with only the thin layer of flesh separating her ass and pussy. I came first and withdrew from her ass. I knelt between Dave-s legs so that I could lick them both at the same time. I licked up my cum as it leaked out of Linda-s ass. Dave moaned and shot a load of cum up inside Linda-s pussy. Linda rolled off Dave and sat down on the floor next to me. I licked Dave-s cock clean and then went to Linda and cleaned her up as well. We lay there resting and trying to catch our breath. Linda said, "Let-s go take a shower." Dave and looked at each other and knew we were in for one hell of a night.
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